Monument to WTC  

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Uploaded: 03/02/03 7:28 AM GMT
Monument to WTC
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In rememberance of the builders of the WTC. notice the focus on the flag


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03/04/03 9:12 PM GMT
Could you expound on the description of this picture?
I like it, Ijust don't know exactly what I'm looking at. Thanks
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03/04/03 9:55 PM GMT
I think a sculpture dedicated to the iron workers who built the WTC.
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03/05/03 5:00 AM GMT
That is correct Caedes. A photograph was taken several stories up of some of the builders of the towers eating lunch. After 9-11 this commemorative statue was placed at ground zero.
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03/05/03 7:29 PM GMT
Good recruit for
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04/17/03 6:28 AM GMT
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05/12/03 2:12 PM GMT
thanx ;-)
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"The sky is not the limit . . . the ground is."
07/22/03 6:08 PM GMT
That is really awesome! I like it.
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09/04/03 12:42 AM GMT
its fantastic!
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09/29/03 1:24 AM GMT
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11/14/03 5:22 PM GMT
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11/18/03 3:25 PM GMT
Yes, marvellous,very great work!!!
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carpe diem
12/02/03 9:05 AM GMT
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Got Sharpie?
02/29/04 6:35 AM GMT
Its kind like funny if you are looking at this logic.
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10/25/05 6:07 PM GMT
this image is nice, I like it. good job
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03/26/06 1:42 AM GMT
Great memorial. But I'm a bit confused. I read about the famous photograph of these iron workers eating lunch was during the construction of the Empire State Building?
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03/27/06 3:41 AM GMT
Actually we both stand corrected. Alot of websites were giving misinformation around the time I posted this due to the statues location next to ground zero. The photograph was taken in 1932 800 feet above ground during the building of the RCA Building at Rockefeller Center. I'm sorry for the confusion . . .
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"The sky is not the limit . . . the ground is."
06/12/06 8:33 PM GMT
Yes, I can see it was built in the 1930s. These iron workers are wearing the cap workers wore at that time. Wonderful view of past history. I like the statuary work.Interesting image..Thanks!
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03/01/08 9:55 AM GMT
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Imagine you are there
11/24/09 4:09 PM GMT
Always remembered,,,, nice work.
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06/02/10 7:27 PM GMT
I was noticing that all of the statues have (for the most part) cloth caps. At a time when everyone had some sort of cap covering their head, it makes me wonder where all those caps went? Do our landfills have layers of cloth caps (tam-o'shanter age) to be more recently covered by unopened IKEA packages (Ik-ee-age)?

But I digress. Your picture caught my eye and made me think. Nicely done.
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10s for everyone in the VB today!
08/28/11 6:10 PM GMT
Just wanted you to know I really like this shot and what it represents. Thank you for sharing.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
11/16/15 11:16 PM GMT
I originally saw the photo years ago as a poster and a computer wallpaper. it is from 1932 and you can see the photo and read about it here. Looking at the photo, Central Park is clearly visible behind them.

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