The Black Betty  

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Uploaded: 01/08/07 4:07 AM GMT
The Black Betty
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Good old Bryce 5. Thanx 4 lookin'. =)


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01/08/07 5:07 AM GMT
Oh, this is almost surreal, Randy. It draws me in and makes me feel like I'm in a very different time and place or dimension. Very nicely done! Wen
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01/08/07 8:29 AM GMT
Nice image, well done :-)
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01/08/07 1:36 PM GMT
Peaceful and Dreamy scene..Wonderful image..Superb work..Luv it..
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01/08/07 3:11 PM GMT
That went imediately into my Favorites!
What a Magnificant Render! So simple, yet so cool!
Really Beautiful colors in that sky. Simply Stunning man.
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01/08/07 4:00 PM GMT
Good un' Randy, isn't that a song too ?? Oh black Betty bam a lam, Oh black Betty bam a lam............I'll spare ya. LOL Nice job buddy,great looking water & sky.
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01/08/07 5:34 PM GMT
Beautiful image. It's like in a dream with a lot of water!
I like this very much!
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01/08/07 6:20 PM GMT
Amazing what you can do with Bryce, this is really beautiful..well done !!
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01/08/07 6:35 PM GMT
This is one of the best computer generated/assisted images I have seen so far.

Good work.

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01/08/07 8:10 PM GMT
I agree with ntasova! Generally speaking I don't like computergens, but this is exceptional and goes straight into my favourites. It's exquisitely composed and executed: not too subtle, not too sharp, but just right. Fantastic work!
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01/09/07 4:08 PM GMT
Beautiful image and it has such a calming effect.
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01/10/07 7:02 PM GMT
Beautiful, Randy. The ship looks so small and fragile in the grandeur of the sky and sea.
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01/11/07 6:15 AM GMT
great and nice

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do it
01/11/07 5:43 PM GMT
Very well done!
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01/13/07 3:51 PM GMT
This is really nice. I love it.
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01/16/07 3:17 AM GMT
Nice work .. the sea and sky are exemplary. The ship seems to be heeling a little too much to starboard for such a calm sea.
A truly great DT.
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01/16/07 11:39 PM GMT
I like this very much. Thanks for the post and keepem coming...
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01/21/07 3:48 AM GMT
What a lovely view Randy - I feel like I'm in an enchanted land. Beautiful fantasy view. The water is gorgeous with the two contrasting areas. Tiny as it is, the ship is the "star" of this image. It appears perfect crossing the ocean blue. The soft colors are lovely going all the way to the horizon. Excellent job! :))
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I need to catch up on things so can't comment too much. But I love all of your fine images. I might be lurking in the background :)
02/09/07 11:27 PM GMT
Love the perspective and colors!
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03/26/07 7:10 AM GMT
At this juncture all I can say is:"You da man." This would be a fitting tribute to the great Procol Harum song: "Salty Dog".
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10/26/09 11:06 AM GMT
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03/29/11 1:55 AM GMT
Or a movie poster for a remake of the Horatio Hornblower series. Most excellently done.

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