Ghost around the House  

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Uploaded: 07/17/09 5:01 AM GMT
Ghost around the House
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I dont know if this is too dark or too dull or too let me what you think :) enjoy your day :)


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07/17/09 6:13 AM GMT
Size is fine but it looks like you have more then one ghost around the house. I think you have a whole covey of them. Nice creation Mma. Has the eerie look to it.

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07/17/09 11:02 AM GMT
Well titled - it looks very ghost-like. Excellent effect.
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07/17/09 11:14 AM GMT
Yiii...creepy...Nice design, however...
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07/17/09 11:29 AM GMT
Spooky! I like the fact that it's dark. I think that adds to the spookiness.
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07/17/09 12:29 AM GMT
Love how dark it is..just adds to the creepiness of it. Really like the design of it. Another great job!
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07/17/09 12:58 AM GMT
It is nicely done,the colors are fine as well as the design.
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07/17/09 1:49 PM GMT
It's not too dark if you look at it as being some sort of alien life form, venturing out into the open regions of the galaxy, ready to ensnare anything that comes within it's reach. I'm glad it won't be me. LOL. Nice one, Mma.

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07/17/09 2:16 PM GMT
This is really a Cool design and suttle colours. Looks like there a lot of ghost in there, I'm scared, lol.
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07/17/09 4:17 PM GMT
Dark? Yep. Dull? I don't think so, Mma! This is really cool. The darkness makes it even more effective. Yeah, you could see more of the detail if you brightened it up, but then you'd change the whole feel of the piece. Why mess with something great? Faved and saved-- excellent work!!
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07/17/09 5:58 PM GMT
It almost looks like something is trying to rip it apart to get out......

Really eerie!
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07/17/09 8:32 PM GMT
cool... super creepy and scary. nice work!
Sky Girl
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07/17/09 8:53 PM GMT
It's a little dark, but that fits the theme. Nice one!
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07/17/09 10:54 PM GMT
I like this web design. Must be a spider family living in there somewhere. Great creation!!
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07/18/09 1:57 AM GMT
Just too dark for my taste. Cool design though and a great title Mma!
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07/18/09 2:45 AM GMT
Just a little more light, Mma and it would be perfect!
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07/19/09 11:26 PM GMT
Beautiful!! KInd of reminds me of goo too!!

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07/21/09 12:49 AM GMT
It´s a very nice picture with cool design. Perhaps a little more glow to the colors would be nice. Just a thaught from me.
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