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Uploaded: 06/28/10 4:57 PM GMT
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P.N again. Please feel free to comment or just ignore if you choose:):) Thanks again for taking a look.


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06/28/10 5:06 PM GMT
cool creation feel dazy @.@
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06/28/10 5:10 PM GMT
Oh, I'm loving this!! Beautiful form, wonderful color choice (though pink would have been better, lol)
You did a beautiful job here, Bruce
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06/28/10 5:29 PM GMT
Whoa, this is Fabulous and looks like the inside of a big shell. I'm feeling dizzy looking down all those stairs, lol
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06/28/10 5:48 PM GMT
great shot. so clear and sharp.
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06/28/10 6:17 PM GMT
Well this is a image you can fall into nice work here Bruce makes me dizzy but nice.

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06/28/10 6:37 PM GMT
Holy moley I am getting dizzy looking at this. It sure does look like a winding staircase, and I am about to topple over because there is no guard rail. HELLLLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!
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06/28/10 6:51 PM GMT
Gives me a Maurits Escher feeling.
Great work, Bruce.
Regards, Cornelius.
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Cornelius was here either to enjoy your image or say 'thank you' for your interest in my work. Please CLICK HERE to see my journal!
06/28/10 8:55 PM GMT
Well, here I am with a total fear of heights...and I look at this first thing? whoa!!!! dizzy I'm so dizzy!! wonder they call me a dizzy blonde, I just figured that out.Hah! But, honestly Bruce, I do actually like this.I wonder where it goes.V
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06/28/10 9:16 PM GMT
Spiralling ever down ward!
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06/28/10 11:59 PM GMT
I'm afraid I'm going to have to cite you for building code violations on this one Bruce. Your fabulous stairwell is lacking proper handrails presenting a safety issue.
Fantastic and creative work on this design Bruce. Wonderful colours and textures. Very nicely done.
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06/29/10 1:21 AM GMT
Once again you totally amaze me with your style and techniques!!!! So unique and beautiful Bruce! I think I needed more lessons from
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06/29/10 3:30 AM GMT
A great one BB. It does have the spiral staircase look.


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06/29/10 3:01 PM GMT
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06/29/10 5:23 PM GMT
If you fell of the top there you would have a long way down to the bottom if there is a bottom.Great art work.
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07/04/10 12:30 AM GMT
Simply amazing, Bruce!! Fantastic depth and I'm diggin' the warm tones! What floor are we on?? lol
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