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Here is the first in my series's of car shot's from Hot August Night's in Reno, Nevada. There were a lot of Belair's, Mustangs, SS's, etc., but I will start with the unusual and unique first:) I have no clue what this originally was but it really doesn't matter to me as I loved this anyway:):) The presentation of each car I will show won't be all that flashy as they are all so close together it was impossible to get a shot of a single car without another being in the same shot. And then there's the car next to each car reflected in the side so you don't get the whole effect of the main image but that's manageable I hope:) I confess, although there is a plaque in each cars window clearly identifying them as to there original make and model year I neglected to include that in most images but it will be obvious in subsequent postings as some have their description listed plainly in sight as you will see later:) I added some pseudo sky in this image as the BG was all washed out due to the stormy, broken clouds and bright sunshine coming through them. Hope you enjoy:) Thanks for all your comments. BB


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08/11/10 3:53 PM GMT
Wow that is some car great shot the detail is a 100% Love how you captured the shine and very nice angle to.
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08/11/10 5:12 PM GMT
A Fascinating car with Cool details.I wonder if that is a car what goes with laughing gas..Wonderful photo,Bruce.
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08/11/10 5:19 PM GMT
I think that's a '41 (VERY modified) Willys Coupe...I had a plastic model of one of those when I was a kid...Thanks for sharing...Favs...
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08/11/10 5:22 PM GMT
I think I saw one of the cuties in the movie CARS. A good shot BB.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
08/11/10 6:00 PM GMT
Great shot Bruce. Would be fun to take it for a spin, I get it would really fly!

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08/11/10 6:39 PM GMT
I was going to say a '40 Willys, but j could be right about it being a '41. Either way, the Willys coupe is argueably in the mix with the '32 Ford and '55 Chevy as the quintessential American Hot Rod!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
08/11/10 10:32 PM GMT
That thing has personality..because it looks like it has a face. Cool shot, Bruce.
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08/12/10 2:22 AM GMT
Who cares about the sky when you see a car like this?! So cool it is Bruce! I think your shot is excellent!
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08/12/10 2:41 AM GMT
Great shot of this cool looking car, Bruce. Nicely presented.
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08/12/10 3:22 AM GMT
This is a really eye-catching car and well worth sharing. Wonder what it sold for (including the leaking radiator)?
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08/12/10 5:49 PM GMT
Yes, I sympathize with the difficulty of getting a clean, isolated shot at car shows. Two years ago I shot a local car show and ended up discarding most of the shots just for that reason. Fortunately, it was a small show and a big area assigned to it, so the problem was minimized. This is One Cool Car! Very nice catch! Did you get a chance to talk to the owner? I wonder why he chose this particular path among all the possibilities of antique cars....
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08/13/10 12:18 AM GMT
Not that's a Hot-rod Bruce, wonderful capture
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