Volcano VooDoo  

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Uploaded: 11/08/14 11:54 PM GMT
Volcano VooDoo
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So here's what you might not readily see in this image upon first looking. I blended real life with abstract here. All the orange fiery BG was made in and the top two 3 sided objects at 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock are a manipulation of a picture of a head of broccoli and some celery leaves together on my kitchen counter.I made a kaleidoscope of them and placed them in the top layer over the BG. Hope you enjoy and this will be my entry into the current contest:) Thanks for all your comments:)


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11/09/14 12:16 AM GMT
A little cheese and peanut butter and you would have had a good snack! Very colorful..the reds/orange really explode on the screen.
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11/09/14 12:44 AM GMT
An explosive color of orange-red. I would have had no idea about the broccoli & celery stalks. Creative work, Bruce & a wonderful contest entry.
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11/09/14 12:55 AM GMT
So this is what happens when celery and broccoli erupt in the innards.
Good contest entry BB.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
11/09/14 4:42 AM GMT
This is so darn good, the explosion of color is something else! Bravo!! =^..^=tigs♥
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
11/09/14 6:53 AM GMT
---broccoli and some celery leaves together---

A splendid creation Bruce. If you didn't have told me that you have used some vegetables for that, I wouldn't have been aware that it's contains lots of vitamin C as well, lol.
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11/09/14 1:16 PM GMT
Great work Bruce well done.
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11/09/14 7:37 PM GMT
Wow you excelled with this one Bruce the colours leap out the screen at you and the design is superb too.I truly love this piece and the light effect is outstanding and for me it as a look like a deep sea tropical marine fish .Well done to one outstanding piece of art work Bruce .
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11/09/14 7:47 PM GMT
This one really leaps off the screen Bruce - very intricate and interesting. I see something different every time I look at it. Great entry.
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11/09/14 10:33 PM GMT
Between the voodoo and that LSD you do no wonder you're putting out such unique and interesting images, lol...j/k...fabulous vibrancy and great of luck.
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If you stare at an orange juice container because it says, "CONCENTRATE" might be a redneck.
11/10/14 12:44 AM GMT
I hate volcano, Bruce, but I love this creation, it's not a real volcano. LOL
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11/10/14 11:32 AM GMT
Oh wow - what a fabulous creation.
A fine contest entry.

It is really quite scary - must be the voodoo !
I love how it seems to explode from the screen.
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