Pilaster Pilgrimage  

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Uploaded: 10/16/21 4:58 AM GMT
Pilaster Pilgrimage
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It's a architectural travel-log:):):) Whatever that is....but then, the author or creator can do just about anything he wants with his creation so long as there's no alarming backlash:):):) Thanks for your comments.


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10/16/21 10:32 AM GMT
Bruce, we already knew that you're a versatile artist, but that you're also gifted with architectural skills was unknown to me. I'm not surprised however that you're the creator of this architectural work of art. I know little about architectural constructions myself, but I do know enough about it to recognize that your fine construction is a solid state one too. One to 'build on' and trust, Buddy!
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10/17/21 10:44 PM GMT
Since, in classic architecture, a pilaster is an applied ornamentation meant only to look like it supports something like a roof or lintel, I assume the pilasters here are the stars of blue, orange, and green. That being the case, perhaps a good subtitle here would be ^Have a Merry Pilaster Christmas^. After all, Halloween is only two weeks away, so Walmart probably had its Christmas trees and decorations up for half a year already. ;oP

Happy Trails.

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10/21/21 4:07 PM GMT
Intriguing and stunning, you have an incredible imagination!
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