Infinite Eyesight  

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Uploaded: 10/18/21 6:03 AM GMT
Infinite Eyesight
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I have deteriorated eye-site and started wearing glasses when I was 45, 26 years ago! I could use some extra help but maybe this was going to far ha-ha:):) Thanks for your comments.


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10/18/21 10:43 AM GMT
Bruce, as long as you're capable to provide us with such a wonderful and detailed render, think you haven't to worry about the medical state of your eyes.
A magnificent and striking render again. S+F of course!
Thanks for sharing this beauty, Buddy, 👍 !
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10/19/21 5:54 AM GMT
When I was a little kid, 6 or 7 years old, I watched an old black and white movie about a young boy who lives below an apartment where a murder was committed. No one yet knows it happened but the body was slid, face down, under a bed in a bedroom. The building is cheaply built so the floors are simply boards on joists, and one of the still open eyes of the corpse is directly over a knothole in the floor, which in turn is directly above the boy^s bedroom. Directly over his bed. The boy can actually see the eye but it takes a while for him to figure out what it is. A bit contrived, yes. A bit gruesome, certainly, for a boy my age. But after watching that, guess what the content of some of my dreams and nightmares were. Now guess what pops into my mind when I enlarge this one.

No worries. Early Happy Halloween, Bruce.

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10/21/21 5:25 PM GMT
Oh I do like this one, very creative, and good design work, and color choice. tigs=^..^=
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