Bird Island And Rodeo Beach  

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Uploaded: 10/26/21 3:12 AM GMT
Bird Island And Rodeo Beach
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Here is one more from my visit to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. This is taken from near the Rodeo Lagoon Vista Point and the white rock is Bird Island and at center right is Rodeo Beach and the rock that's a darker brown and blackish at the lower portion and about 1/3rd the distance from the top jutting out into the water, is Tennessee Point and just further around the bend is Tennessee Beach which I have posted pictures of before. Behind me is the lighthouse and Point Bonita (out of site of course). I love this area and it was my first visit here. My grandson and I walked out to the small structure in the center. Thanks for your comments.


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10/26/21 8:53 AM GMT
A breathtaking view, Bruce.
You've chosen for an excellent vantage point, resulting in the best possible composition.
S+F of course. Thanks for sharing it, Buddy, 👍 !
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10/26/21 1:34 PM GMT
I love the vantage point you chose for this one, lovely! In all the years that lived in the bay area, I never made it there. tigs=^..^=
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10/26/21 7:53 PM GMT
Marvelous view! Just breathtaking!
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10/28/21 4:14 PM GMT
While in the U.S. Navy, my homeport base north of Los Angeles, I enjoyed driving up and down the coast highway and stopping to soak up numerous views like this. The California coast is unique and beautiful, and I appreciate the trip back down memory lane, Bruce.

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