Lace Lichen 2  

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Uploaded: 09/18/23 11:28 PM GMT
Lace Lichen 2
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One more of this lichen infested forest at Point Lobos. This stuff is so cool. Thanks for your comments.


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09/19/23 10:17 AM GMT
Bruce, an almost surrealistic sight, but to me pretty rare and wonderful to see.
Quite a difference when I compare it with my view while doing a stroll through our woods, Buddy!
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09/19/23 11:15 AM GMT
Very good postwork, and well composed wtg! tigs=^..^=
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09/21/23 12:21 AM GMT
Would be beautiful framed and hung on a wall.
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09/28/23 5:32 AM GMT
Nice and interesting shot. Great presentation.
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09/29/23 7:11 AM GMT
While my internet research tells me they are not the same thing at all, your lace lichen still reminds me of the Spanish Moss I see on many trees whenever I visit my kids in Mississippi. What I did find interesting is that because your lace lichen absorbs moisture, it was used in the past as a dressing for wounds, and by Native Americans as a diaper.

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