Surprise in my glass  

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Uploaded: 12/15/11 2:50 AM GMT
Surprise in my glass
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A little green friend found in my glass in the garden.

I thought the way the sun was focused in stripes by the ribbed glass illuminated this little lizard in an interesting way. No I didn't drop the glass on the floor when I found this chap staring back at me....


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12/15/11 4:17 AM GMT
I have to admit I've never drank so much that I've ever imagined anything close to this in my glass. A great closeup of this cute little fellow. Lovely colours in the photo and nice lighting and shadows. Good job.
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12/15/11 6:04 AM GMT
So who do you suppose was more surprised, you or him? It's a fun shot and I like the position you've placed him in. The temptation to center the subject is often hard to resist and it's works quite well, like this one of yours, when we do something different. Although the bottom right quadrant at first appears empty, I can see blades of grass through the glass and the "emptiness" there allows your friend a direction to go, visually. I also love the double patterning on him (her?) with the mottling of natural color and the stripes thrown by the ribbed glass. I think I'll snitch a copy and send it to my son who has a couple lizards for pets. Thanks.

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12/15/11 7:55 AM GMT
Tis not a kinda 'tequila type wormy thing'! it?

if I saw this in 'my' glass...I'd stay teetotal!...
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12/15/11 8:25 AM GMT
Yes, it is a real surprise. Very interesting capture.
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12/15/11 12:56 AM GMT
Now this is one cool capture, what a good find, and well taken.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
12/15/11 5:16 PM GMT
He looks rather surprised too.
Great capture with wonderful colors and details.
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12/15/11 7:02 PM GMT
Rather frightening, i feel like an insect, and my eye? fatally hypnotised by the beauty....the prize is yours in my book.
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12/15/11 9:13 PM GMT
Poor thing to fall into the glass and be made a great photo though. Love the lighting and the cute little lizzard too.
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12/15/11 10:07 PM GMT
What a fun photo. Great capture of the moment, love the shadow and light play with colors.
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12/16/11 3:24 AM GMT
Very cool Day Lizard. My son has one in his Dart Frog tank.

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12/17/11 2:56 AM GMT
Gotta agree, the stripes of light add an interesting element. Definite fits the bill, being a low angle too. Wonder if it saw you and wondered about getting out... lol For some reason this popped into my head. help me... lol
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12/18/11 3:49 PM GMT
Very cool nice colors,Did you name it? lol...
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12/18/11 8:14 PM GMT
I think this is a excellent capture and I agree with you on the effects of the glass on this adorable little fellow. Hope he didn't get into the beer, lol
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12/20/11 1:29 AM GMT
An excellent image and thoroughly deserved to win.
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12/20/11 3:07 AM GMT
Congrats on the win in the contest. It was truly a great entry.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
12/20/11 8:25 PM GMT
amazing photo! Congrats!
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12/21/11 9:13 AM GMT
Perfect close-up! Congratulations for the 1st place in the contest, John.

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12/21/11 3:31 PM GMT
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12/22/11 12:21 AM GMT
Congratulations for the 1st place,John.
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12/22/11 7:05 AM GMT
A really cool picture. The colors, composition, and lighting are all well done. The one thing that keeps this photo from being even better is that the focus is on the gecko's back and not his eyes. But it's still a very good shot.
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12/22/11 11:44 PM GMT
It's a very eye-catching photo, and I did feel that I was an ant or something who had just been spotted. :-)
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12/31/11 5:24 PM GMT
Great capture!
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