Sweeping Beauty  

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Uploaded: 11/04/14 1:30 AM GMT
Sweeping Beauty
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I haven't made one with this type of script in years. It was one of Johns (Mr.Lion) favorite ones to use. I've been missing him a lot lately. I hope you'll enjoy the colors and feel of this one. It was made from the heart....well all of mine are made from the heart....this one is just special :-) Thanks for the views and comments my friends.


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11/04/14 1:45 AM GMT
We all miss John, Joanie.
If he was "The Cowardly Lion," you are Dorothy.
Now if we can just locate Pwince Charming.
Great dedication.


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11/04/14 2:08 AM GMT
This does so remind of some of John's creations Joanie - they are on my DT frequently. He was so kind and helpful to me when I was a newbie and we shared a birthday as well. This is a save and fave for me as it was made by someone special in memory of someone special.
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11/04/14 3:41 AM GMT
I miss John too, Joanie. He knew how to make everyone smile. A gorgeous creation & I love the softness & colors of the spiral flower ... that's what I called John's. Very extra special ... will be saving this one.
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11/04/14 3:55 AM GMT
Joanie, This is a wonderful tribute to someone who meant alot to so many of us. He sure had a way about himself, and was so talented. It has been 3 years Nov. 7th, since we lost him. =^..^=tigs♥
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
11/04/14 7:24 AM GMT
A beautiful creation with all the feelings behind it Joanie. Lovely colours too.
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11/04/14 7:33 AM GMT
The Lion is a great miss Joanie!...But he left his creations in your hands!...

A must for the current contest!
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11/04/14 7:54 AM GMT
Very well done Joanie.
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11/04/14 8:57 AM GMT
Special it is..Here's me expecting a selfie of you sweeping the back porch...It's a smasher.....R.
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11/04/14 9:15 AM GMT
---Sweeping Beauty---

Joanie, I called John honorably the 'Lion King' because he was so talented.
We keep his memory and what he left us in great honor.

This is a great dedication to him, my friend!
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11/04/14 9:20 AM GMT
And so colorful. Excellent job, Joanie.
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11/04/14 9:22 AM GMT
Wow such a beauty fav for me Joanie .
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11/04/14 9:33 AM GMT
What a marvelous tribute to Mr Lion, I'm sure he's looking down from above and loving the beautiful colours and design. Fantastic creation and so hard to believe it's been that long. Downloaded and favd
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11/04/14 10:22 AM GMT
This looks like a giant colorful pinwheel....and to me it looks like it is spinning. I can almost feel the breeze from it. The colors are gorgeous, Joanie. Excellent work.
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11/04/14 2:53 PM GMT
The colors are pretty in this wispy presentation Joanie.
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Life is a Constant Audition
11/13/14 3:47 AM GMT
When I opened this it definitely reminded me of John. Guess there are a lot of us who miss him... This one reminds me of a big, colorful, soft pillow. Great entry.
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