Mare & Foal  

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Uploaded: 11/22/05 6:20 PM GMT
Mare & Foal
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Captured this image Saturday morning. The young one is well prepared for winter........Enjoy


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11/22/05 7:05 PM GMT
What a wonderful scene...the two horses so clear and attractive and posing so nicely and the background so warm and inviting...was this the original location where you found them? is perfect for the theme and the sunset beautiful...on my desktop to enjoy...great job.:Pat.
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11/22/05 10:03 PM GMT
Great shot! Love that beautiful sunset in the background! Don't get many like this. Very nice! Vicky
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11/23/05 1:17 AM GMT
I really like the scene, except for the horses, they are blocking the great landscape. I know they are the subject of this photo, but hey, that sky looks really cool.
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11/23/05 11:08 PM GMT
I really love this photo. One correction to make, however, that's not a mare and a foal. The shorter one is a shetland or a welsh pony (more commonly known as a miniature horse). The taller one isn't that old, however, it's only about 4-5 years old if i'm not mistaken. Again, nice picture!
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11/26/05 7:22 PM GMT
This scene gives me the feeling of freedom. I can almost feel the wind and the disappearing warmth of the last sun beams on my face. The open spaces make it so overwhelming. And the horses, they make a perfect final for the concept of the image.
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Here is my gallery "In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous" Aristotle
11/26/05 10:35 PM GMT
Awesome scene...warm, rich colours and beautiful horses.
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Don't open the darkroom door....your let all the dark out!
11/26/05 10:40 PM GMT
A stunning image. The shadows don't march the direction of the sunset/sunrise but it's still a powerful image. Good job.
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View the world with your mind's eye. Mr. Russ
12/01/05 10:23 AM GMT
Gorgeous picture. I love horses. The sky in the background is just awesome. Wonderful image. Thanks for sharing. :) Sarah
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Hi I'm Sarah. My motto is if you like cats, you can't be ALL bad. :)
12/18/05 5:06 AM GMT
A great job with color and a dramatic setting for these two attentive models.
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01/31/06 11:39 PM GMT
WOW i just love this picture!
just to point out its a horse and pony lol easy done;)
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hi, i just need help, maybe one day i will be as good as you lot;)
03/01/06 6:56 AM GMT
Your skies are works of art -- this picture is just one more example of such
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03/01/06 9:24 AM GMT
Entered in error
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03/18/06 2:51 PM GMT
The deep, richness of the colors in this photo is just beautiful to look at.
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04/02/06 5:26 PM GMT
the contrast beteewn the horses and sunset is perfect
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07/09/06 10:10 PM GMT
This is really wonderful! The sky and lightning works so great! Perfect scene, well done!
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~ Natures Inspiration ~
10/03/06 10:36 PM GMT
~found on FI & had to comment~

Really stands out!! Is that 3 different images worked up in PS? The horses are crystal clear...a little blur may reduce the effect against the backdrop used. Also, the sun and shadows don't seem to match up, but, maybe that's just me. Hey, currently an 82...whadda I know. Again, stunning work with superior colorings throughout Mick!!
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Picture Purrrfect . A purrrfect world is what we all want, but, seems too unobtainable. If I've viewed and commented on your post, and you liked my remarks then NO THANKS is needed...just getting to see your wonderful work is thanks enough for me!! Also BIG thanks to all who check out my work!! I appreciate any and all comments & feedback!!
11/01/06 12:37 AM GMT
"Get this shirt off me. I'm a horse for goodness sake"
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All is fair in love and war
12/20/06 5:12 PM GMT
I love this shot! The colors of the sky coupled with nothing in the background but endless field gives the impression that the horses are in a world all to their own. Great work!!
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03/14/07 4:15 AM GMT
I love this Beautiful contrasts, and delightful subjects!
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04/09/07 3:58 PM GMT
this is gorgeous. the contrast between the green grass and tghe sky. the horse looks like it is almost coming out of the picture...
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04/13/07 12:11 AM GMT
The sunset adds incredible power to the photo... A prominent, strong horse in the foreground, and a peaceful and majestic sunrise in the back. A+
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04/23/07 9:11 PM GMT
Well put together.
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06/17/07 5:37 PM GMT
Great, great shot here. It looks as though they were posing for the shot, both looking right into the lens. The sharpness is great and the amazing background adds so nicely to the image. Great job :)
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06/17/07 5:40 PM GMT
wow that is absolutely gorgeous
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08/29/07 11:18 PM GMT
Lovely photo! Great colours and atmosphere.
But it's a horse and a pony..not a foal ;)
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Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it..
04/14/08 7:09 PM GMT
It's wonderful...
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04/14/08 11:53 PM GMT
just beautiful
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04/20/08 8:31 PM GMT
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06/29/08 10:46 PM GMT
amazing shot! its in my favs and it's my desktop right now!
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09/20/08 9:47 PM GMT
you've captured everything there is to capture is a good photograph in this picture: beauty, power, angle, colors, feeling. Great job pal
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Time is not money; it's life. Enjoy it.
01/29/09 4:48 PM GMT
I really love this sweet!! Mich
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05/25/10 12:23 AM GMT
A very beautiful scene! I love the way you seem to have HDR in this photo, but it is so natural, and not at all unrealistic! :) I love the photos you have of your homeland in your gallery. :)
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