Newborn Aster  

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Uploaded: 08/27/06 12:14 AM GMT
Newborn Aster
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One of my many Asters. Canon 350D Hope you like it.


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08/27/06 12:24 AM GMT
Oh Mariana, this is another beauty...the beginning of life personafied. Beautiful colors and lovely framing as you do so well. Excellent post and thanks for sharing it.
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All the wonders you seek are within yourself. Always glad to see visitors at My Gallery and thanks for your continued kind words and constant support. Anita
08/27/06 12:34 AM GMT
Lovely colors and I really like that glassed look with the gold trim!
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08/27/06 1:04 AM GMT
Great job Mariana, nicely presented my dear.
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08/27/06 1:43 AM GMT
Kewl photo/graphics. Drew my eye in right away. Now my desktop.
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08/27/06 6:15 AM GMT
Mariana, I like the presentation you've created for this. It really makes your new bloom stand out!
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It's all about perspective and perception.
08/27/06 7:00 AM GMT
Whata great job...excellent.
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08/27/06 10:13 AM GMT
This flower is also very beautiful, beautiful version of the frame.
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Be happy. Enjoys our earth...Lien.
08/27/06 1:52 PM GMT
I saw this in the voting booth and I just had to comment on it - it's so creative and such a lovely flower. I gave it a 10!
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Confucius say:  make sure words touch wisdom tooth on way out of mouth.
08/27/06 4:32 PM GMT
Gorgeous Mariana! As all of your flower captures are! ;-)
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08/27/06 5:31 PM GMT
Luv the flora and the framing Mariana!! Not crazy about the fuzzy specs throughout.
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Picture Purrrfect . A purrrfect world is what we all want, but, seems too unobtainable. If I've viewed and commented on your post, and you liked my remarks then NO THANKS is needed...just getting to see your wonderful work is thanks enough for me!! Also BIG thanks to all who check out my work!! I appreciate any and all comments & feedback!!
08/29/06 10:04 AM GMT
Really very nice Marianna...the presentation and framing shows the aster in its glory....gerry..
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08/29/06 2:42 PM GMT
Great macro and superb presentation. Well done, my friend. Another beauty.
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More does not always equal better.
08/31/06 1:23 PM GMT
Beautiful photography and excellent PS work. This is a perfect 10 in my book. Well done!
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We make a living by what we get; but we make a life by what we give.
09/02/06 5:53 AM GMT
Hi there Mariana! What a beauty you have posted. I really like the uniqueness of the framing and the design that you created as well. I am glad to see you trying different things and stepping out of your "comfort zone". Good work my friend! Right to my favorite's folder on my hard drive :~)
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09/06/06 10:58 PM GMT
I love it! Great framing.
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How lovely it is when unexpected blessings come into my life to cheer me up and put a smile into my heart. Help me to pass them on, dear Lord. Fay Angus

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