Sky Hearth  

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Uploaded: 07/13/11 9:57 PM GMT
Sky Hearth
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A quite spectacular sky from a year or two back. The manipulation was giving the clouds an ending on either side as the original shot cut the cloud off about two thirds of the way thru. If you look for the signs you'll find them but they are subtle enough not to grab the attention of most casual viewers. Given the scale of the manipulation that was as much as I could hope for.




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07/13/11 11:06 PM GMT

What a spectacular posting!! Thank you for the explanation in your narrative about the trim job on the clouds. I'm very impressed with the seamless editing. I can see some mirror imaging, but other than that I have no idea how you accomplished this feat. The shot is reminiscent of scenes from some sci-fi films like Independence Day. I fully expect to see a massive space ship emerge from this cloud. I love the juxtaposition of the fiery colors from the sunset and the subdued blues in the sky behind the cloud. The image is finalized with a nice slice of Mother Earth to show the enormity and vastness of the area. It's a joy to view your work.

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07/14/11 12:03 AM GMT
Just Sensational sky Mikel!!!!!!!! Did you see it coming or was it a surprise?? Gorgeous sky and nice post-work even if it's not all 'natural'!
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07/14/11 1:23 AM GMT
The end result is a very wild visual. Amazing colors and details in those clouds. As well as the vastness of the open land below them. As Roger stated, would be a wild backdrop for a unearthly vehicle. Saved to look at those colors more.
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07/14/11 10:15 AM GMT
The visual of this amazing cloud is just amazing. The color tones are just perfect. Mother nature gave you a beautiful scene.
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07/14/11 2:24 PM GMT
Impressive Mikel, It really caught my eye. I like that it's not really mirror image, it confuses you into thinking that it's not a manip. Well done!
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07/14/11 2:28 PM GMT
Thank you for posting this.
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07/14/11 3:36 PM GMT
Beautiful sky, wonderful view and nice colors.
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07/14/11 3:50 PM GMT
Wow!! Awesome and unusual shot!! I enjoyed this post very much:)
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07/16/11 6:58 AM GMT
WOW WOW WOW, looks like the sky is on fire. Great shot!!
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07/17/11 10:40 PM GMT
Wow! Never seen a sky like this!! :) Fantastic Job!
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07/20/11 4:53 PM GMT
Is this the beginning of a Sci-Fi movie my friend ?!
Perfectly captured Mikel !!
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08/05/11 4:42 AM GMT
Near perfect manipulation work and a great looking image. Wonderful fiery colours in the clouds.
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08/06/11 8:24 AM GMT
Just seen this in the voting booth and having read the commentary you are right. I saw next to no evidence of manipulation and took it at face value as an amazing shot :) Manipulation or not it is beautiful!
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08/06/11 5:30 PM GMT
Yes, I did find them and they are very subtle. It was a bit confusing because I could see mirrored spots but not everywhere I would naturally find them with a split-and-flop. Your post cleared it up for me. That's one amazing sky. High marks just now in the voting booth.
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08/06/11 5:51 PM GMT
wow! more wow, this is a deffo fave for me!
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08/06/11 11:28 PM GMT
The clouds look alive. Just had it in the VB. Wonderful post.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
08/12/11 3:10 AM GMT
Brilliant. :)
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08/17/11 3:22 AM GMT
Whoa! I missed this amazing shot! That is really something. Great capture, Mikel!
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06/04/12 2:40 AM GMT
makes me miss the arizona sunsets:(
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