Killdeer Arch (2)  

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Uploaded: 06/09/21 1:58 PM GMT
Killdeer Arch (2)
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A bit closer with all the kids behind me running ahead to explore. At Pogue Creek Canyon in Tennessee.


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06/09/21 5:09 PM GMT
That's one impressive overhang...R.
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06/10/21 1:43 AM GMT
Clearly illustrates the great of you to share this both here but especially with the youth...
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06/10/21 3:00 AM GMT
This view really shows the size of it. Thanks for posting this view with people to make us aware of perspective. Good one, Jeff!
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06/10/21 8:25 AM GMT
Because of having the kids in this capture, you've added more perspective in it. The impressiveness of this scene is even better now when compared with your, anyhow wonderful, previous one, Jeff!
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06/12/21 9:43 PM GMT
This one gives the scene scale, which I was missing. I was thinking I would have to bring my kneeler pads to crawl through that gap.

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