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As I walk to the church building there is a pair of kildeer who screech in alarm that I'm so close to their home. One will fly in front of me and land well out of reach. As I continue my stroll along the sidewalk, it will screech "kill deer kill deer" and run to stay out of reach. Sometimes the two of them will tag team. But once they judge that I'm far enough from the nest, they'll fly off. It really annoys them that I follow the sidewalk instead of them. If I stray off (from their view), then they will fly right back to lead me away. But I'm not about to follow them. I know their goal is to lead me into the street so they can be permanently rid of me. But I've foiled their plans so far.


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08/01/22 2:42 PM GMT
Very nice low-level photo. I enjoy nature and how it tries to protect the eggs.
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08/09/22 11:42 PM GMT
Outstanding shot, Jeff; we have many of them here as well but in the rural areas instead of town. I got as much enjoyment out of your descriptive post as well as the image.

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