A Reach Across the Realms  

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Uploaded: 10/10/21 1:10 PM GMT
A Reach Across the Realms
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This morning stretch of a humpback crosses to the vast domains of air and sea. She is likely not waving to the whale watchers, but may be signaling to other whales: "I am here," in this case by sound, not gesture as she slaps the water or perhaps she is simply taking morning exercise.


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10/10/21 5:35 PM GMT
I have always found the unique idiosyncrasies of ocean denizens fascinating, from tiny sea horses gripping a plant stem with their tails to a leviathan like the humpback slapping a flipper to signal or simply express emotions. Getting in close enough to see the folds of skin and speckles of color, Paul, is a real treat, so thank you for the opportunity to do so! We own four Wilderness Pungo kayaks, 12-footers meant for casual lake and river paddling, and I have taken to naming them. My wife has a blend of red, yellow, and orange in hers: The Mango Slice. I have a bright yellow kayak: The Banana. The name for our neon green one still eludes me (The Gecko? Kiwi? Honeydew?), but I think you have just given me the name of our fourth boat, a black, gray, and white speckled one, looking a lot like that spot on the fin here, near the ^armpit(?). I will now christen it The Humpback.

Happy Trails.

6∈ [?]
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10/11/21 8:54 AM GMT
Great and amazing action shot, Paul. It's like you've a ride on its back, a bareback ride however, 😁 ! My amazement is because you were able to capture this huge animal that near.
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