Pilot Boat  

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Uploaded: 12/04/13 9:30 AM GMT
Pilot Boat
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The harbour pilot boat - my entry for the B/W challenge.


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12/04/13 9:31 AM GMT
Good capture of the motion here!

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12/04/13 9:39 AM GMT
When I viewed this image, I really thought that this pilot vessel was unmanned. I know that German people are progressive, but that they are that far ahead of the time, I hadn't expected, lol.

Good B&W image Raj. Breathes out a, to us, familiar atmosphere.

Regards, Cornelius.
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12/04/13 10:10 AM GMT
Great capture. Very nice contrast between the boat and water!
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12/04/13 10:44 AM GMT
Great capture well done and good luck in the B/W Challenge
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12/04/13 11:40 AM GMT
Good luck on challenge, Nice capture.
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12/04/13 1:55 PM GMT
Good luck..It's a good entry..R.
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12/04/13 2:10 PM GMT
Nice entry for the B&W challenge Raj. These boat are amazing when they come out to meet ships and drop off a pilot to navigate the way into port. Bravo!
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12/04/13 6:18 PM GMT
Good action, and a good challenge entry Raj. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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12/04/13 6:20 PM GMT
A Hamburger in a hurry, Raj.
Good one for the contest.


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12/05/13 1:09 AM GMT
So sharp and clear! You caught the waves perfectly Raj!!! Good luck!
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12/05/13 8:04 AM GMT
Beautiful boat in B/W, good luck.
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12/05/13 11:36 AM GMT
A real sense of movement captured Raj - good b&W tones and a welcome addition to the BWC
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12/05/13 3:17 PM GMT
A really good action shot Raj. The B&W treatment has given this an ageless quality. Excellent for The Challenge.
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12/09/13 1:29 AM GMT
Wow, marvelous B/W action shot plus challenge entry
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