Forest Scene  

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Uploaded: 02/25/16 9:41 AM GMT
Forest Scene
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A forest scene in sepia tones.


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02/25/16 9:46 AM GMT
Raj, although you've chosen for the 'nature' gallery, hope that its
'destiny' is the Wednesday B&W challenge, as it would be a perfect entry for that.
Very fine sepia scene, my friend!
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02/25/16 11:38 AM GMT
Very intricate detail in this lovely forest scene Raj.Makes a beautifully peaceful and ageless desktop.
Will add it to the BWC now :)
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02/25/16 12:11 AM GMT
It has a slight IR feel to it Raj. Looks like a Fairy tale setting with the deer. Beautifully done and a good one for the b/w challenge.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
02/25/16 12:22 AM GMT
Beautiful work, Raj. The deer is so cute.
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02/25/16 1:14 PM GMT
Well Done
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02/25/16 2:49 PM GMT
Agree with Tick..the sepia makes it look infra red!....

Even the deer looks cool too!
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02/25/16 3:47 PM GMT
This turned out really good, I like the results, kudos Raj. tigs=^..^=
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02/25/16 4:02 PM GMT
The results with that taupe look so suit the forest and deer Raj - nicely executed.
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02/25/16 4:10 PM GMT
Looks good in serpia..R.
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02/26/16 1:18 AM GMT
Raj - A lovely entry for the b/w challenge. Well done!
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02/28/16 5:48 PM GMT
Really like the treatment - a very relaxed deer which trust you wondering by
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03/09/16 3:09 AM GMT
A nicely captured woodland scene, Raj. Good details and focus in the photo.
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04/26/16 5:48 AM GMT
A favorite, of course, clarity and tones perfect.
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