Zoo Entrance  

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Uploaded: 10/01/19 9:15 AM GMT
Zoo Entrance
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This is the old gate to the zoo. It is 111 years old and has to be restored now.

My entry for the contest.


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10/01/19 12:14 AM GMT
That's a pretty ornate gateway...R.
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10/01/19 12:36 AM GMT
Richie took the words from me, so intricate, good luck in the contest Raj. tigs=^..^=
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10/01/19 3:31 PM GMT
Great entry Raj. It definitely grabs your attention.
It was obviously built to last.
Good luck in the contest.


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10/01/19 7:30 PM GMT
Very colorful and interesting zoo entranceway...with the sculpted animals it prompts one's imagination as to what creatures will be seen once inside...that and the iron gate makes for a great contest of luck, Raj.
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10/01/19 11:15 PM GMT
This is a great entry for the contest Raj - colorful and unique!
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10/02/19 7:58 AM GMT
Wow, so vivid and joyful. Nice colors, too.
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10/02/19 8:44 AM GMT
A perfect entry for the current contest ('Gates'), Raj.
Inventive way to use the trunks of artificial elephants as lighting fixtures for the zoo entrance.
Wish you Good Luck with it.
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10/02/19 8:25 PM GMT
That's quite a show unto itself even before you enter the zoo Raj - a lot going on there - Great Capture and Good Luck in the contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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