The return to the northern hemisphere  

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Uploaded: 04/23/13 7:44 AM GMT
The return to the northern hemisphere
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When the Whooper swans returns to the north spring is here again. I captured this image when about 30 swans flew over our house. They are heading towards the northern parts of Sweden to roost. Their trumpeting signals that spring has arrived once again.

All comments are most welcome. I thank you in advance for taking the time. Always greatly appreciated!


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04/23/13 8:03 AM GMT
Wonderful shot, Susanne. Nice bird formation. I love it.
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04/23/13 8:08 AM GMT
It looks like real spring is here. The birds are awesome, so lovely and elegant.
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04/23/13 12:00 AM GMT
Beautiful in-flight shot, Susanne. I love those long outstretched necks.
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04/23/13 12:22 AM GMT
Susanne, this is such a good action capture of them, I would love to see that many fly over. I have only seen a few here and there at different times. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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04/23/13 3:47 PM GMT
How exciting to see such a wonderful sight. Fantastic entry and Best of Luck Susanne
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Have a Wonderful Spring
04/23/13 5:05 PM GMT
You captured this swans superbly and I love how the light shines through there wings letting you see the detail in there wings .Well done to a very nice capture of a bird not seen in my area of the UK.So thank you for sharing my friend.
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04/23/13 6:37 PM GMT
Great action capture here Susanne!
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04/24/13 12:48 AM GMT
A nice capture of the swans Susanne. I like the back lighting on the wings. Good composition of the photo.
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04/25/13 3:49 PM GMT
Good luck, Susanne, I like it very much !
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04/25/13 7:18 PM GMT
We say the one with the map is the second one in line, the leader needing to watch the "road" ahead while the one behind navigates. Much the same way my wife and I navigate through large cities. :D Very nice image of these swans, Susanne. I'd guess that these two, because of the way they are flying, are likely a mated pair. Good luck in the contest.

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04/26/13 1:14 AM GMT
Great action shot.
Good luck in the contest .
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04/26/13 5:42 PM GMT
Lovely Susanne fave and save.

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05/04/13 8:21 AM GMT
very hard photograph to take , it's a master's work .....Bijan
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05/12/13 2:42 PM GMT
A very beautiful capture Susanne.
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