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Uploaded: 09/19/22 4:00 PM GMT
Hobie Hobby
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An idyllic way to spend a day for folks intrepid enough to venture out in that tiny vessel. You can see them out in the strait in my previous post.


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09/19/22 8:07 PM GMT
Very nice the color of the sail is eye catching! tigs=^..^=
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09/20/22 4:24 PM GMT
Wayne, during my long active career, I've seen many of these tiny vessels sailing in open water.
They are frightening to passing sea-going vessels because they're hardly visible, because of the blind sector in front of the bow of the seagoing vessel formed below the imaginary line from the bridge along the bow to the sea surface. This also applies to this tiny leisure vessel because it doesn't even have a radar reflector in the top of its mast. I suppose the sailors on board aren't aware of the danger, because they don't even wear life jackets (if I see it correctly). Pleasure apparently goes hand in hand with underestimating the danger. It's just what one chooses for.

Very nice capture, however.
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09/21/22 12:57 AM GMT
A great shot Wayne. Love the focal point here:) Looks like they have life vests on to me and I'm pretty sure they could spot a passing cargo ship a mile away:):) Gotcha Mr. C:):):)
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