The Mathematical Tree at Night (rework)  

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Uploaded: 10/23/07 10:13 PM GMT
The Mathematical Tree at Night (rework)
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I discovered a flaw in the original upload of this name, so I'll be deleting that one in a little while. This is a complete re-render from Apophysis 2.06c beta. If there are any flaws in this version, they're not the same ones!

While I was at it, I made a couple of other changes; this is 1600x1200 instead of widescreen format, and... hopefully I'm starting to understand what Purmusic and Laurengary mean by 'depth' and 'making the colours pop'! If anybody wants this in a different size, I can email it to you.


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10/23/07 10:49 PM GMT
Oooh lovely..I like this.
Great colours to use together and lovely swirly/smokey/fluffy designs in there.
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10/24/07 7:50 AM GMT
Faved..............a lovely piece, well done :-)
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10/24/07 2:15 PM GMT
Awesome. Period.
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10/30/07 5:01 PM GMT
wow really good.
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10/30/07 6:20 PM GMT
Nice composition and colours.
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11/04/07 2:56 AM GMT
Nice work.
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11/07/07 1:13 AM GMT
it almost looks like it's under water, being moved gently by the current. what a great job!
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12/12/07 4:00 AM GMT
This is wonderful. Rich and full of life and movement.

I too thought of ocean currents and kelp forests. I'd also say you got the depth you were looking for.
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Sic transit gloria mundi
12/23/17 11:04 AM GMT
I certainly don't see any flaws, Sandra; I really like the simplicity of color and yet complexity of nature's design in this one. Kayaking this summer, particularly in lakes, I see large swirling blooms of green plant life below the surface that look very much like this. I really have to remind myself to take my waterproof Nikon P&S along with me next time... after the ice mets, of course.

Happy Trails

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12/24/17 1:18 AM GMT
That must be a sight to see, Nik... I'm looking forward to seeing photos of that!
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