Simply Hanging Around  

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Uploaded: 02/02/17 1:09 AM GMT
Simply Hanging Around
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Another creation for you. Someone stated they liked a less busy background.


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02/02/17 9:02 AM GMT
Of course it's up to you which creations that you're sharing with us, Frank, but by providing us with this very fine one, you've given us the possibility to express our preference. To me this one is ever finer than your Just Hanging Around creation. Like to say however that both are wonderful! Perfectly done,my friend.
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02/02/17 11:39 AM GMT
Eenie, meenie.. minie..

... ...

I did read questjester's comment on your other creative iteration of this piece.. and the hearts do stand out more in this one.

And on that note, the background is richer and deeper.

Flipping back and forth.. this one just might.. might, that is.. move to the front of the line for me.

That said..

Still, nice work on both. And again, thanks for sharing your creativity with us.
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02/02/17 1:21 PM GMT
Excellent capture, Frank.
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02/02/17 2:35 PM GMT
I have to say that Lisa gave a great suggestion, and do like this one even more. Thanks for taking her advice, this is excellent! tigs=^..^=
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02/02/17 6:13 PM GMT
I LOVE IT! (Claps hands) :)
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02/03/17 12:12 AM GMT
WOW! Love this one.
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02/03/17 3:19 AM GMT
The other was really good; this one is amazing. I love the whimsical designs incorporated inside of each heart and the way they glow.
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02/08/17 12:24 AM GMT
This one has to be one of my favorites - love the design within the hearts - a Gold Medal for you on this - of course right into my favs
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01/02/18 3:36 PM GMT
A classic wallpaper... simply and beautifully done. :-)
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04/22/18 6:35 PM GMT
Wow this is really cool Frank. Would love to know how you did it.
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