The More Barn 2  

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Uploaded: 11/03/11 11:59 PM GMT
The More Barn 2
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I wanted to get a shot in that showed more of the old corral. Thankyou all for the kind comments and all of the faves on the first one. I am honored that you all liked them so well.


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11/04/11 12:21 AM GMT
Very interesting shot, Billy, quite a contrast between the red roof and the yellow grass with the dark sky. Amazing work.
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11/04/11 12:47 AM GMT
Great shot BTK and this is the best one. Good choice to get more of the corrall. I think the grasses are what really makes this shot sing.
Old McMore had a barn,
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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
11/04/11 12:49 AM GMT
This one is a super DT Billy. Faved and saved.
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11/04/11 12:58 AM GMT
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11/04/11 1:21 AM GMT
Storms a brewin' and you were in the right place at the right time. Outstanding photography BOS!!! Superb with that dark looming sky and the softness just draws you in!! Superb work:):)
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11/04/11 1:48 AM GMT
This is the utmost best Billy! Gorgeous and outstanding!!!! Please enlarge and frame for me:)
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11/04/11 1:56 AM GMT
I like that you included the corral. Beautiful imagery.
Tigs♥ =^..^=

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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
11/04/11 3:00 AM GMT
Billy - Another great shot of this barn. Thad
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11/04/11 3:23 AM GMT
The More Barn is very nice...
The More Barn 2 is nicer...
At least in my estimation. I, too, appreciate the corral!... but upon some closer inspection, it seems to be more a different angle, a little less grass and a little more sky!  :o)
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11/04/11 6:38 AM GMT
Enjoyed this shot.
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11/04/11 7:55 AM GMT
Fabulous shot Billy. Wonderful colour palette, excellent contrasts, and not a trace of noise in those deep shadows!
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11/04/11 9:05 AM GMT
You know very well how to make a splendid capture Billy!
My compliments, mate!

Regards, Cornelius.
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11/04/11 10:17 AM GMT
Great barn and that sky just gets better..R.
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11/04/11 1:42 PM GMT
Another gorgeous shot of that place, Billy. Excellent work!
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11/04/11 1:52 PM GMT
What a happy combination of an excellent subject, interesting angle and superb lighting! A keeper.
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11/04/11 3:32 PM GMT
Hi, Bikky...

Yet another wonderful shot of this barn. I just went back through your gallery and watched your metamorphosis. Your shots now are almost all in the 8's or better for me. You always do best, as far as I'm concerned, when you go with shooting what you see and staying away from cloning in skies and elk. Rob is a first class manipulator but I occasionally see discrepancies is his work as well. Keep it real.

Killer sky again. Nice the way you put the loading chute into perspective. Once again I'm a big fan of the vastness of the land and the fine foreground of wild grass. Another 8+.

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11/04/11 5:32 PM GMT
Another Beautiful and Gorgeous photo of the barn,Billy.
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11/04/11 8:37 PM GMT
Another fantastic work.
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11/04/11 9:19 PM GMT
Well Billy must say excellent on this capture very good.

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11/05/11 10:58 AM GMT
Fantastic lighting and mood pervades this scenic location. Truly captivating contrast of color and light really makes this a pleasure for my eyes. Saved to enjoy more!
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11/05/11 8:57 PM GMT
I really like this one and a better view of the coral and loading ramp
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11/06/11 12:19 AM GMT
Wow Billy, I think this is the best I've seen of your work. An awesome inspiring capture. A great perspective and very dramatic lighting. Excellence achieved!
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11/06/11 1:55 AM GMT
Most excellent play of light and color.
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11/08/11 1:44 AM GMT
I like this one more than the other, tough call though.
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11/09/11 8:21 PM GMT
This is so vivid! I love the warm hue, and that barn roof really pops! Great shot!
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11/21/11 5:01 PM GMT
I can't decide which one I like the most. Great work Billy!
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11/21/11 7:18 PM GMT
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