My Work And Play Space  

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Uploaded: 03/11/10 7:09 PM GMT
My Work And Play Space
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This was Verena's idea. Seeing as how I thought it was a good idea I sent this ... thinking maybe I might finally win 1ST. PLACE, for the most messy desk. A younger friend of mine made the desk, and I just set the top piece on top of it.


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03/11/10 7:18 PM GMT
That's some nice setup, Winona. But...oh no you don't. I win first place for the messiest computer desk. I'm not ready to post mine yet. LOL. Thanks for sharing.
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03/11/10 7:56 PM GMT
You don't know what is a mess desk. I am ashamed to send you mine, because I am sure that I'll win. And it's not fair my first prize from Caedes to be that. LOL But I have to admit, your desk is very "rich" too.
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03/11/10 7:57 PM GMT
""(`*.(`*. Nice Shot .*).*)""
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every day is a gift......that's why it's called the present!!
03/11/10 8:04 PM GMT have desk!! I'm so jealous. ha ha. Our 'office' (hopefully future nursery) has been taken over by the hubby so I can't work there. My desk is my lap on the sofa downstairs.

A great shot of your 'messy' desk.
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"Hurry to meet Death before your place is taken."
03/11/10 8:56 PM GMT
I don't know you ladies are so untidy.Nice painting against the wall.Is it one of yours ?..R
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03/11/10 9:59 PM GMT
My Lord, we have messy people around here! expect you to do some spring cleaning with that soon Winona...hehe...Cool shot!
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03/11/10 9:59 PM GMT
Looks like you have good equipment Winona. It looks spotless compared to my workspace. I like the homey look to it all. Nice post.


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Hopefully my photos and stories will let you know what makes me Tick
03/11/10 10:51 PM GMT
It is actually not Verena's idea, Winona. Have a look at My Corner and the comments there. We still look at your images and comment on them although you seem to have stopped doing so. :0)
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03/11/10 11:24 PM GMT
Well, I guess I got the stick this time, and probably deserve it, so I'll try to do better!! You folks deserve better.

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03/12/10 12:06 AM GMT
What's wrong with it? It looks "lived in"...Cool! Favs...
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03/12/10 1:49 AM GMT
That's what I would call a nice tidy desk.
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03/13/10 3:34 PM GMT
You ain't gonna get de prize for most messy desk once I post mine. Ha!
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03/13/10 6:38 PM GMT
Darn, I can't seem to get a prize for anything! Life is good anyway.
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03/13/10 7:52 PM GMT
Thanks for the fave on the workspace Winona. I did the same for you.


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Hopefully my photos and stories will let you know what makes me Tick
03/14/10 4:57 PM GMT
Hey Winona......that's not messy......I could win but I'm not posting the desk that's behind my chair. Might scare some people. lol Looks like a fine play even have 2 screens.......I'm jealous. :)
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03/14/10 10:27 PM GMT
It looks user friendly and cozy to me, not messy.Mine gets like this too..Tom
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03/15/10 10:13 PM GMT
That's a really big work space you have Winona. Is that a oil painting you did, that's laying on it's side right with your printer. Those are big screens you have.
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