Audience with the Wizard  

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Uploaded: 05/06/21 1:52 AM GMT
Audience with the Wizard
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Audience with the Wizard


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05/06/21 9:05 AM GMT
John, I suppose that the horse or donkey is the only audience for the wizard.
If so, it hasn't apparently interest in the wizard's magic because it turned its head. It also may be feared that through magic it will disappear and, by taking this attitude, tries to prevent this, 😁 .
If not, I don't know what you want to tell us with this, anyhow beautiful, render.
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05/06/21 12:18 AM GMT
A sense of space, energy, and power.... The character who has made it to the center seems to have exerted so much energy getting there that he exhausted and confused....He needs to pause a moment to absorb the inspiration and renewal....
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05/06/21 2:16 PM GMT
This is superb! WTG John, i really like it. tigs=^..^=
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05/07/21 12:59 AM GMT
Your work is so impressive, again, I can almost reach in and feel the depth ... sensational colors and details.
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05/19/21 5:09 PM GMT
I do like the fractal John�another of your fun and imaginative works�but the added figure isn't working for me, probably because it's such an extreme departure in art style. I figured you'd want an honest appraisal and not back-patting, something I try to avoid giving or getting.

Happy Trails

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