Maritime Event  

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Uploaded: 06/12/18 5:17 AM GMT
Maritime Event
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It took me 8 RAW/NEF images (Nikon calls RAW images: 'NEF'), each with a size of 6,000 by 4,000 pixels, to compose this stitch. The result was an image of 20,419 by 4,270 pixels. Because Caedes allows us to a maximum size of maximum 3,200 by 3,200 pixels, I've reduced its size to 3,000 by 627 pixels causing the inherent loss of details.

Hope however that's still a nice one to you. Depicted is a maritime event held on June 8th until June 10th, 2018 in Middelburg, a town (with a maritime history) in Zeeland, The Netherlands.

The captures were taken on June 9th, 2018. Of course these images are 'shore based' ones, because of the necessity for a very stable position for my equipment (tripod, camera/lens, and remote control device).

The stitch was done by the freeware program ICE (Image Composite Editor, Version (64 bit) from the Microsoft Corporation.

PS: If you like to view its details, please enlarge it till e.g. twice the full screen size (200%), and than scroll the picture.


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06/12/18 7:14 AM GMT
This Is well presented....R.
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06/12/18 7:50 AM GMT
The result is very good Cornelius. Clear and sharp details all put together very well.
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06/12/18 10:10 AM GMT
I have used ICE for my 'stitcher's...great program and seen in this terrific post by you..

Amazing work and certainly S+F'd
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06/12/18 4:36 PM GMT
Mr. C. Your efforts paid off perfectly for this superb image.Very good job of editing! tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
06/12/18 5:52 PM GMT
You are a good 'tailor' SEA as you've done a marvelous job on the stitching of 8 images resulting in a great pano type view with a long range perspective...well done!
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06/12/18 7:08 PM GMT
Excellent work on this - not a "stitch" is showing.
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06/12/18 8:31 PM GMT
Awesome presentation, well worth the hard work. Phenomenal shot.
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06/13/18 5:22 PM GMT
Superb shot Cornelius. Can you post the coordinates for this shot in a PM for me?:):)....or here if you want?
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06/13/18 6:29 PM GMT
Hello Bruce,

Here are the coordinates for this one:

N 51.497527 E 3.621159

The stitch is taken at the opposite side of the Canal through Walcheren.
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06/15/18 6:15 PM GMT
Got my Woowwww C.

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06/19/18 11:48 PM GMT
On the far left I see a couple very long craft, the white w/blue trim in particular, and near the far right what looks like a floating apartment complex, with all sorts of different craft, historic and modern, in between. A person could spend a lot of time investigating them all. A terrific pano and stitch with lots to look at, C... so what was the event, anyway?

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06/20/18 9:10 AM GMT

Reply to 'Nik''s comment above:

Every year, maritime events are held in Middelburg and other Zeeland (The Netherlands) towns/cities with the aim of bringing maritime heritage together and showing and experiencing it to the Zeeland public. The Zeeland population has been trusted for centuries with all kinds of maritime aspects. Admiral de Ruyter is often their example. The interest before this type of event is undiminished. On previous of my photos with this subject you can see a proof of this.

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