Heaven to Me  

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Uploaded: 07/18/11 3:11 PM GMT
Heaven to Me
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Photo taken during the accent of Mt. Evans in Colorado. This photo was taken on my Canon P&S as opposed to my T2i I also had with me. Comments & suggestions welcome. Thank you. Note: The one thing that concerns me is that the horizon is pretty much dead center, is this OK? My defense in keeping it this way is because the horizon/mountain range is not static thus it is more interesting to look at. I would love some thoughts on this.


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07/18/11 3:56 PM GMT
Hello Joel...Beautiful scene really exploited by the wonderful light....This picture is indeed a pleasure to view...Well done....All the best to you Joel..........Mick.
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07/18/11 4:14 PM GMT
Good shot! Only thing I would change would have been to get the shot with no people in it, and I see no problem with the horizon level, in fact, I think it is right where it should be.
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07/18/11 4:22 PM GMT
Love the snowy peaks of Mt Evans! the last time I went up there I got altitude sickness
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07/18/11 4:44 PM GMT
Excellent shot and wonderful color. Horizon, no problem here - if you tilted any higher you would have cut off the hikers. My only complaint is that I was not there. -mike
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07/18/11 7:19 PM GMT
I could say I agree with Larry (Barnart) about the people. I think in this case they are a distraction rather than an enhancement, especially as you seem to have cut off their feet. However, I would also say that although nice calendar images of mountains have their place, sometimes having people in the scene can make for a more interesting image, but they would have to be closer and, say, looking or walking off into the distance.

You are right about the horizon, but probably for the wrong reason. I feel it should be raised, particularly since there is a mass of solid blue at the top of the image that could easily be cropped. That of course just makes the image thin, so I would have been tempted to include more foreground and raise the horizon up to the top third level.

Centred horizons can work, but you need balancing interest above and below and I think the sky looses in this case. A good thunderstorm brewing would change the situation and probably how you present the image. (like this one) Cropping the bottom of the image seems to dislocate the mountains from your own position, lessening the visual impact, to my eyes anyway.
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07/19/11 3:50 AM GMT
Very well done photograph.
I like the subject matter.
Thanks for sharing.
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07/19/11 4:17 AM GMT
I agree with Chris. You could lose nearly the top quarter of the photo and, although you probably don't have it, add inga little more of the foreground would keep the hikers from being pinched by the frame. If you have another photo of this view, taken at the same time and the same angle and mm length, but with more of the foreground, you could morph a little of the bottom of the second photo onto this one, thereby giving you more of everything. I know there are some that would consider it sacrilegious to do so, but digital photography is a tool that allows us to manipulate our images to arrive at the best possible result. It isn't always about how you create art, it's about the art you have created. Just a thought for your next work.
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07/21/11 5:53 PM GMT
Your beautiful photo spawned some great comments. That is how Caedes is supposed to work. I like the idea of less sky and more foreground. The people really don't bother me in this because I get the feeling they are headed for an adventure.
Wonderful post.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
07/25/11 3:39 AM GMT
I was just here two weeks ago, myself! I drove up to the summit on July 10 and when I got there I was greeted with 50+ mph winds and hail. Did you hike your way up? The view was spectacular and I really enjoy your capture, here. Thanks for sharing :)
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12/02/11 3:25 AM GMT
This is gorgeous. I have been up Mt. Evans.
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