A little Night Fair  

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Uploaded: 05/14/18 7:19 AM GMT
A little Night Fair
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On my date we walked over to view the fair from afar. We couldn't go cause it was too hot outside. (Missouri weather). Anyways it was still really romantic to see the lights. So I did a little coloring to enhance the sky and soften the parking lot in the forefront.


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05/14/18 3:45 PM GMT
You did well. This fair in the background along with the dusk sky really brings out a nice contrast!
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05/14/18 7:47 PM GMT
Sounds like you had a great time and it was a good date:) is difficult to capture the rides and lights at a fair but I agree with Alex that you've done well and I can sense the fun and excitement in your image...good job, Marisa.
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05/16/18 12:44 AM GMT
A nice array of colorful lights Marisa - like how you used the cars in the foreground - Great Capture!!!!!!!!!!!
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05/18/18 7:01 PM GMT
At first I thought there were swing seats being thrown wildly outward (dangerously), on that circular ride to the left of the ferris wheel, then realized they must be flags. I see another one on the far left. You do find some nice scenes to photograph, Marisa, but we really need to get you a better camera. I'd love to see what you could do with a good DSLR.

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