Dragon II  

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Uploaded: 08/10/04 9:01 AM GMT
Dragon II
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Another dragon...Illustrator to Photoshop.


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08/10/04 9:34 AM GMT
That... is.... AWESOME!!!! so much detail!!! Great Illustrator work!!! in favs
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08/10/04 9:50 AM GMT
I love the design, the overall pic seems a bit hazy, like lack of contrast, but it could be just me. The orange color gradients never fail lol. This one screamed your name, great job. I would like the circle with the dragon inside as a necklace pendant :)
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08/10/04 11:06 AM GMT
Fantastic! Love it - very well done and composition works very well. Love the Dragon!
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08/10/04 11:07 AM GMT
This is an awsome image I love the firey colours chosen and the detail for the whole of this design make this a very impressive background
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- pixels are only the beginning unless you started at the end -
08/10/04 11:59 AM GMT
Thats an excellent image. Love the colours and detail. Well done.
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08/10/04 1:44 PM GMT
damn...that is some great work. and you even included the caedes spider. ; ) Excellent as usual. I notice the haze as well...however, in my opinion this does not affect the image at all. It's kinda nice actually. love it. more please. 10/favs
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08/10/04 2:35 PM GMT
I was hoping you would do another one of these. Great detail in this.
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Cheers. It's kileychristine!
08/10/04 4:27 PM GMT
I love these. Right off the bat of course saw the Caedes logo. Then, without spending too much time, I spied with my little eye: A bell, wild dog, snake, the name "Jem", ram horns, wrenches, and pitchforks. ;)
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B.J. ;)
08/10/04 5:04 PM GMT
You're awesome BJ! You found things that I didn't even know were in there. ; )
Thanks to everyone for their comments.
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...rob... turtle...
08/10/04 5:54 PM GMT
Great detailed background on the dragon. 09/10
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08/10/04 6:19 PM GMT
Yet another excellent illustration by Robert! I'm always amazed by the detail; and I love the spiders (and other things, as always) you stuck in there. Great job.
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08/10/04 6:58 PM GMT
this is incredible, very detailed... i love every one of these.. keep it up ;]
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When you come to a fork in the road, take it.
08/11/04 5:04 PM GMT
Can't believe I missed that quarter moon the dragon's tail is wrapped around. I was looking too hard. ;0 I might be
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B.J. ;)
08/12/04 7:28 AM GMT
Hey BJ...there is one thing you haven't seen yet. I'll let you know if you find what I'm referring to. : )
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...rob... turtle...
08/13/04 2:34 AM GMT
That's cool man!
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08/17/04 11:33 PM GMT
dang how long did it take you to do that? i mean all that detail and markings...must've been awhile!
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Mull3tboii - Life is good, please enjoy it while is lasts.
08/18/04 3:19 AM GMT
This is a beautiful image! You should really be painting murals on large city walls!! I love it!
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08/18/04 8:34 AM GMT
This one took about an hour and a half. Once I start, it just starts to create itself.
Thanks for all of the comments.
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...rob... turtle...
08/18/04 5:34 PM GMT
love the color. cool design!
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08/25/04 5:09 PM GMT
way to work in the caedes logo ;)
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Somethings are just.. Wonderful
10/03/04 8:57 PM GMT
very cool design and great detail.
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Theres no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people asking questions
10/08/04 9:38 AM GMT
I'm gobsmacked
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"Feel free to point, stare, and talk amongst yourselves."
10/17/04 3:01 AM GMT
Excellent job all around!
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10/21/04 4:23 PM GMT
Good job mate
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10/22/04 7:36 PM GMT
Dragon's my favorite mythical creatures, I have a cabinet full of Pewter wizards and dragons. This goes into my favorites and I see a new wallpaper in my futrue for my desktop. Thanks for sharing
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Member: & Your Friendly Neighborhood Quake Addict
11/09/04 4:35 AM GMT
that is so crazy!!! awsome dude that is like something u would find on the door of an old chine's (cant spell) war lords office... sweet i like it!!
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he call the shit poop !!
11/26/04 7:44 PM GMT
Your works are NEVER going to cease in amazing me. Youve truly got some talent.
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01/19/05 2:53 PM GMT
Im so dumb I can hardly see anything in it my mind is just too linear and logical
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01/21/05 12:00 AM GMT
I don't know how I missed this one - its another excellent one to add to my growing groo2k-collection folder!
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02/02/05 5:54 AM GMT
Simply the coolest thing I've seen in a long time! You just replaced my wallpaper on my you for posting it! Ypu have incredible talent :-)
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02/03/05 10:09 PM GMT
not big on dragons.....but dis 1 is amazing...10/10 and btw...i LOVE the colour
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Keep doing what you do best!
02/12/05 5:31 PM GMT
This is an excellent piece of work - great detail.
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03/01/05 11:08 PM GMT
Very cool, I would like to know how this was done..... (technique, materials)
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03/25/05 2:52 PM GMT
Awesome, great job ! Your Dragon is much better than mine ;) Love this one, thank You for sharing ;)

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05/29/05 10:22 PM GMT
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06/02/05 8:01 PM GMT
execellent piece of ART, it ! now i got to go find the words !
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06/04/05 6:05 PM GMT
Very cool piece of art. Thanks for sharing.
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06/23/05 3:58 AM GMT
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07/22/05 11:10 PM GMT
Dragons are awesome. It's going in my faves. :) Great work!
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08/22/05 11:54 PM GMT
Great Dragon!
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09/23/05 11:28 AM GMT
This is great! I've always liked dragons, and this one is pretty cool. Great coloring in this one, too! =]
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"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." - Jimi Hendrix
01/07/06 1:37 PM GMT
holy!! thats like such an intricate pattern. i think it must take so much patience... but this is a lovely dragon. the pattern reminds me of celticness. i think im gonna see what it looks like in different colors...
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01/18/06 4:25 PM GMT
This really has some wonderful detail. I would love to see you take it and make it into a really dynamic design by incorperating a little more color and contrast. Nice work.
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05/21/06 5:44 PM GMT
this is, by far, my favorite of your stuff.
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in bed.
08/21/06 11:42 AM GMT
ooo ooo ooo
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