mini lavapool  

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Uploaded: 09/02/06 5:05 PM GMT
mini lavapool
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this little pool is about 3 feet across. it probably is a tadpole hangout. thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.


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09/02/06 5:09 PM GMT
Terrific Jen. Love the depth and texture as well as the lighting and clarity. You've captured this magnificantly. Is this in Kauai also? Thanks for sharing this.
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09/02/06 5:51 PM GMT
A fantastic capture Jen ... wonderful lighting & textures. A most interesting image ... thank you for sharing.
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09/02/06 6:41 PM GMT
Great image Jennie. I love the reflection of the sky in the water. I'm jelous that you are in Hawaii and did not take me.
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09/02/06 6:53 PM GMT
Very nice. I like the lighting on this. I think you are right about it being a hangout I think I see some over in the corner selling drugs.
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09/02/06 7:14 PM GMT
In another life and in another colorway, this could be a cherry drop cookie. Delicious photo.
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09/02/06 8:49 PM GMT
Very Fascinate..Like lighting and the color of the water ..Unique and Superb Shot..
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09/02/06 8:55 PM GMT
I am glad you told me it was 3ft across Jen, because I was imagining more like 300 ft! lol! and yes I would think tadpoles might be found in this little rock pool! nice capture! Patti
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09/02/06 9:22 PM GMT
What a neat Image Jennie. It's almost 3D. Depending on your perspective, it could be 3 ft. or 3 miles!!

Great Capture.
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09/02/06 9:37 PM GMT
That's quite interesting. NIce to see this.
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09/02/06 11:40 PM GMT
oh i love the colors in this! that green of the water is so pretty. and all of the different textures makes it a interesting shot to look at. looks like it would be cool when it is raining a a small river with waterfalls and everything. great capture! ~abby
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09/03/06 3:06 AM GMT
What neat detail, Jen - I'll bet that water is alive with all manner of small things! Love the composition, too! In thumbnail, it looks like an eyeball of an alligator LOL - Patty
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It's all about perspective and perception.
09/03/06 9:34 AM GMT
Looks like a close-up of a one-eyed monster!....Absolutely terrific poat from you the texture and colour of this..............
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09/03/06 5:19 PM GMT
Very nice picture.I hope that it is a dried lava pool with only still water.
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09/03/06 5:54 PM GMT
Very interesting as well as pretty! You have been many scenic places! I am happy you share them with us!
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09/03/06 11:22 PM GMT
Hey that looks like Godzilla's eye. A might too close for comfort there. :) I like your picture it conjures up all these pictures in my mind.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
09/04/06 8:23 PM GMT
Interesting image with texture and detail. Thanks for sharing. anne :-)
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09/04/06 9:39 PM GMT
Very nice effect with great colors.

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09/08/06 1:56 PM GMT
I love the reflection in the water, the composition with the lava pool - everything!
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09/08/06 7:16 PM GMT
very nice capture. this almost looks like a screen shot from any one of the newer sci-fi video games. i like the way you've centered this, and allowed us to see the entire object without losing texture. well done
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05/16/08 9:46 PM GMT
Very nice shot, really like the reflection in the water.
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