Mysterious Cave  

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Uploaded: 05/06/11 2:32 PM GMT
Mysterious Cave
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I loved the details on the front of the cave but will have to continue wondering what's inside. Thanks for any comments. ENJOY!


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05/06/11 2:34 PM GMT
That's quite a picture..The textures are really good..R.
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05/06/11 2:36 PM GMT
'Scaredy CAt'...!

I woulda sent Richie in...'Just in Case'!

Unusual in it's shape!...Makes you wonder what it was used for eh!
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05/06/11 3:21 PM GMT
There was a scene in the miniseries Lonesome Dove where Gus and Pea Eye were trapped in small stream by a cave. This reminds me of that place. I like the way time, sand and water have made this appear smooth with beautiful patterns.
Wonderful post WC.


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05/06/11 3:58 PM GMT
WOW! Very cool! Great details and good find!
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05/06/11 4:21 PM GMT
An amazing landscape phenomena and so beautifully photographed.
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05/06/11 5:39 PM GMT
I agree with the above comments. Very interesting formation you have captured.
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05/06/11 8:13 PM GMT
Good shot, Jen. The cave looks kind of hard to get into. I think you should be satisfied with the shot you got. It is a good picture my friend.

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05/06/11 8:27 PM GMT
Fascinating looking place..but i am no sure if i dare go in there.Fantastic photo,Jen.
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05/07/11 3:50 AM GMT
Looks like a section of an ancient underground river.Very nice, Jen.
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05/08/11 5:12 AM GMT
Mountain lions! Run! Eye catching post.
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05/08/11 7:20 AM GMT
What an amazing shot! I love all the different textures on those rocks...
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05/09/11 6:02 AM GMT
You didn't go inside? This is very interesting.
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05/10/11 3:19 PM GMT
Marvelous capture and I also love the textures and patterns in the cave entrance. I would have loved going inside
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05/12/11 5:45 AM GMT
Looks a lot like the mouth of a whale shark and I would have to guess bats are the main inhabitants. Judging by the size of the bush at the cave's mouth, you could probably come close to standing up inside. Those colored striations around the cave mouth are very cool, an indicator of the geologic makeup of the formation. Thanks for sharing it.

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