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I think he lost some feathers, what a mess all over the DT. :-) LOL Thanks for the views and comments. J


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04/09/07 9:19 PM GMT
Way way way cool dude. Very nice, great texture and color.
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04/10/07 11:44 AM GMT
I finally get to see your posts John! lol Awesome job here buddy! Great colors and very feathery like! Now I just have to dig some out of my breakfast cereal..yuk..LMAO
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04/10/07 12:17 AM GMT
+ faves. :)
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04/10/07 3:32 PM GMT
I love both your posts from yesterday, now that I can finally see them. This one is particularly fantastic, and as soon as the agonizingly slow loading of pages subsides I will add it to my faves.
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04/10/07 3:37 PM GMT
Oops - I got tired of waiting for my comment to load and hit the reload button.
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A few of my best photos are available for purchase at
04/10/07 7:44 PM GMT
John your images just get more beautifuller and more beautifuller lol! I like that word - sounds much better with the er on the end! ;)
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04/11/07 4:57 AM GMT
Another gorgeousity from Mr Cowardly! Love it.
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04/11/07 7:49 AM GMT
lol i hope nobody tickles you with it! lol! do lions like being tickled? lovely fractal!
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04/12/07 2:45 PM GMT
Lovely. It makes me think of rows of seats - or just brilliantly carpeted walkways - in some fantastic theatre or ampitheatre. Begs for a fantastical story...

- cfr
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04/12/07 10:10 PM GMT
I'm' glad to see I'm not the only one that couldn't stand around and wait for the uploading process lately. This is certainly nice, Mr. Cowardly.

♫ :)PJ ♪

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04/12/07 10:44 PM GMT
~tryin to catch up...sorry to be short~

You said pea & cock...hehehe!! 8~O

Nice vibe & feel due to the outstanding color scheme!!
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04/13/07 7:48 AM GMT
Top work! Btw, I just had a quick squiz at your other webpage and there are some incredibly talented deviants there - you should feel right at home:)
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04/14/07 9:03 PM GMT
Oh wow! This is smashingly beautiful! Faved for sure!
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09/12/07 3:34 PM GMT
Fantastic image! Glorious colours :)
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11/19/07 10:21 PM GMT
Very nice! Makes an excellent wallpaper.

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08/08/09 1:36 PM GMT
This was the last image I got in the voting booth tonight and what a lovely one to finish on, just beautiful John, well done.
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11/08/14 1:05 AM GMT
Thank's bro. Your picture give me inspired to my own website in
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