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Uploaded: 01/20/15 9:42 AM GMT
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Watching this little boat on the water looked so relaxing, slowly rocking reminded me of a lullaby. Well, it was sundown, too. LOL Enjoy my friends as I did.


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01/20/15 9:59 AM GMT
Wow, what an absolutely lovely capture of the gentle water motion, the water color, the angle, and that bit of red on that rocking boat...great title too...a fave for me...and I do hope you plan to enter this in the contest.
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01/20/15 9:59 AM GMT
This is such a delightful setting!..You captured it really good with the waves leading off to an angle..

Lovely posting my dear!
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01/20/15 10:00 AM GMT
Good you didn't fall asleep Milka. The scene looks so serene and lovely and the movement of the swells makes it look even prettier.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
01/20/15 10:21 AM GMT
Wow such a beauty very well captured.
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01/20/15 10:46 AM GMT
Such gentle waves - a scene of peace and tranquility with lovely colors Milka. Your title is very apt for such a scene :)
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01/20/15 12:28 AM GMT
Is it permissible to use "WOW" more than once in a comment? If so, this exceptional composition is a Wow and another Wow!!
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01/20/15 2:28 PM GMT
A pretty beach scene Milka - good luck in the contest.
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01/20/15 3:08 PM GMT
This is so stunning, what a beautiful image Milka. tigs =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
01/20/15 3:13 PM GMT
An excellent capture indeed!!!! This image is so relaxing especially the boat rocking on the gentle water - great composition and colors. A super entry for the current contest. Well Done Milka!!!
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01/20/15 3:14 PM GMT
Spectacular shot, Milka. I love the composition, the colors and everything else. The boat is placed perfectly in the shot, and of course, I love the mountains in the distance. That water is amazing!
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01/20/15 3:41 PM GMT
This is a beautiful image, with the rolling waves, the stones visible in the clear water, the beautiful blue tones, and the red boat that is like icing on the cake!

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01/20/15 4:04 PM GMT
I just love the blues in this photo and the silky smooth water and the gentle wave lapping on to the shore line .Plus the water is so clear my friend and the waves on the water are outstanding and the boat adds a lovely feeling to this photo as well.I even like the sticks that stand up in the lake plus the lines that run through the waves as well.The detail in this photo and presentation is truly outstanding Milka.
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01/20/15 4:15 PM GMT
Love the feel of motion and the colors Milka.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
01/21/15 10:59 AM GMT
Just wonderful Milka! Perfectly done!
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01/21/15 2:57 PM GMT
Soft rolling waves and crystal clear water. A beauty, Milka!
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01/24/15 5:49 PM GMT
Magnificent in many ways. Especially the depth of field. But not least because of the powerful expression of the great outdoors that this photo displays. Superb work!
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01/26/15 1:42 PM GMT
Beautiful! Great colors!
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01/29/15 10:19 PM GMT
Благодаря, Милка, за красивите фотографии на нашето любимо езеро.
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