Instant Happiness, just add water!  

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Uploaded: 10/26/11 5:12 AM GMT
Instant Happiness, just add water!
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I think the title describes it well enough :) Kiah does love water!


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10/26/11 6:06 AM GMT
Well done! In addition to obviously enjoying the water, Kiah is also obviously a beautiful-looking dog... I especially like his/her undulating reflection in the water.
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10/26/11 7:25 AM GMT
How'd you get down that low?...

Love to see dogs havin' fun
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10/26/11 8:02 AM GMT
That's a good one...It doesn't take a lot to keep them happy..R.
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10/26/11 9:11 AM GMT
nice, especialy the light and colors
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10/26/11 3:54 PM GMT
Hi, Lisa....

By keeping the horizon in the upper third up the shot, you've kept the simply blue sky to a minimum. + 1.

All of the action is centered in the lower two thirds. +1 +2 total

You've kept the action on the right side and have the left side clear which helps the movement. +1 +3 total

Great reflection. Interesting action. No noise. Wonderful detail. Excellent colors. +5 +8 total.

Bonus points for the smile on your dog's face.


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10/26/11 6:19 PM GMT
Breathtaking image Lisa, colors and composition are for me deserving a masterpiece. You know how to take the emotion of Kiah. She loves the moment and yes we can see a smile on her face.

Great image for a great moment

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10/28/11 6:51 PM GMT
That is a great image. Very very nice work. I love your dog!
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10/31/11 5:44 PM GMT
Stunning wavy reflections of a beautiful dog!
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11/01/11 1:52 AM GMT
It looks like it dancing across the water Lisa.
Great action shot and reflection.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
11/03/11 12:06 AM GMT
excellent shot, love the dogs expression x
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11/07/11 9:44 PM GMT
Outstanding action capture, so clear, and well focused. Faved.
Tigs♥ =^..^=

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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
11/09/11 11:31 AM GMT
Hello Lisa....This is very lovely clear and crisp picture showing your dog at play... By letting your Kiah show you what she can do, in turn, Kiah has given you an unpredictable photo that shows her personality.....Well done....All the very best to you Lisa.....Mick.

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11/12/11 3:05 AM GMT
Amazing capture, on my desk top, my wife is a dog lover and she loves this and so do I.
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12/04/11 7:48 PM GMT

Ahhhh.... I am with a huge smile here! Wonderful and so cheerful capture, love it!
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01/20/12 1:24 AM GMT
Wonderful picture, in every way! There's nothing quite like a dog playing in water :)
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09/25/14 12:40 AM GMT
The stillness of the water, the near absence of a landform, the clarity of focus, the light in her face, and the low angle of the photo all conspire to make it a great pet shot, heads above the normal ones we get here.

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