Family Photo 1918  

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Family Photo 1918
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My in-laws had many photos that I have been digitizing. Names of everyone in his photos were written down by my father-in-law. Prior to her Alzheimer progression, I had my mother-in-law identify all the people in her old photos. In this photo, taken in 1918, are my wife's aunt, father, and great-aunt seen standing in front of a bi-plane at the small airfield in the south meadows of Hartford, CT.


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08/11/16 1:27 AM GMT
Glimpses from the past. You can tell there is some stories to be told here. Nice digitizied relic photo.
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08/11/16 6:48 AM GMT
You did really well with this and the bi-plane is a real bonus!
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08/11/16 7:34 AM GMT
A magic picture..Like a time machine...R.
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I wish I was a Glow Worm, a Glow Worm's never glum, 'cause how can you be grumpy, when the sun shines out your bum?
08/11/16 10:34 AM GMT
Taken in the time that flying was a big adventure, Thad.

I've checked the entries for the 'Retro' contest, but this one wasn't (still) there.

If this will be your entry, it's a good and appropriate choice, and wish you Good Luck with it, my friend!
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08/11/16 12:40 AM GMT
Love these old photos
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08/11/16 4:20 PM GMT
Nice job on this oldie Thad - not always an easy task to convert to digital.
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08/11/16 8:32 PM GMT
A family photo with an early aviation twist , how cool. Great image Thad.
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08/11/16 9:21 PM GMT
Interesting old sepia photo and good work digitizing of luck in the contest, Thad.
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08/11/16 10:46 PM GMT
It is really neat to see some of the entry's this week of family from days past. Thanks for sharing!
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Long before the white man and long before the wheel, when the dark green forests were too silent to be real. Lightfoot 1967
08/13/16 2:19 PM GMT
What a fantastic photo. Great image Thad.
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08/13/16 3:23 PM GMT
Great shot for the contest. It shows both family memories and the tremendous change in technology. Wow, it was nearly 100 years ago.
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08/13/16 10:57 PM GMT
Now this is so cool and show us the family tree behind you - great post and entry - good luck
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08/15/17 11:27 AM GMT
Judging by the shape of the plane's nose and the exhaust pipes along the upper sides of the engine, my copy of the "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft: 1914 to the Present", by Enzo Angelucci, indicates this is probably a Packard Le Pere-Lusac 11, an American fighter plane, built in 1918, with a distinctly American engine, the 400 hp, 12-cylinder Liberty. It had a wingspan of 41 feet, a length of 25 feet, with a maximum speed of 132 mph, a ceiling of 20,000 feet, and a range of 320 miles. It carried a crew of two and four machines guns. Since the photo was taken in Hartford, CT, in the last year of WWI, it had to have had been an American plane, probably newly built and on display.

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