Coral Rock - Nature's Art  

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Uploaded: 02/17/18 10:33 PM GMT
Coral Rock - Nature's Art
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Marathon, Florida, USA. The Keys in Florida are a series of coral reefs high barely enough to be above sea level. They have textures left by the live coral of many years ago. Hint- don't walk on this barefoot.


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02/17/18 10:56 PM GMT
Great textures and would fit in the current contest too - I imagine it would cut one's feet to shreds.
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02/17/18 11:00 PM GMT
This sure has some great textures, and it is contest worthy, shoes would be a must. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
02/17/18 11:29 PM GMT
This is what most of the state is made of, literally. Great textures.
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02/17/18 11:53 PM GMT
Magnificent close up of this amazing coral, it's amazing what mother nature supplies us. Definitely would be a outstanding entry to the current contest. If you do put it in Good Luck
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02/18/18 12:16 AM GMT
Wonderful texture all over the place, great capture.
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02/18/18 1:26 AM GMT
Love the color and texture of the coral Thad - meets the criteria for the current contest - Great Capture!!!:-):-):-)
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02/18/18 9:13 AM GMT
Really nice Textures..R.
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02/18/18 9:49 AM GMT
Interesting photo Thad. Those textures are so unusual.
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02/18/18 10:36 AM GMT
Thad, I agree with the commenters above that it's a perfect contender for the current contest.
If you decide to do so, wish you Good Luck with it.

Very fine capture with great textures. I've a piece of such coral, found by me at one of the beaches of the Aruba island as residue of digging activities by building a new hotel there, so I knew at once where your capture stands for, else I might have thought that you were exploring a mountain, ☺ !
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02/18/18 11:51 AM GMT
Wonderful textures and patterns captured !
Definitely contest material !~
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02/18/18 1:24 PM GMT
I have bad memories of walking on similar rocks at as child...I still have scars on my feet...
Good textures indeed.
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02/18/18 3:57 PM GMT
Good advice, Thad. I remember walking on old beach coral in the Pacific islands--Philippines area--and without shoes the unexperienced beachgoer will leave a little blood behind. When it was alive, polyps would likely have used those hollow lines in the coral for living quarters. Nice textures here.

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03/15/18 1:21 AM GMT
I grew up and went to school in Marathon and Key West, I am very familiar with this stuff.
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