Dad's Lincoln  

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Uploaded: 12/30/14 4:28 PM GMT
Dad's Lincoln
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This 1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr is my father's first car, which he still drives today. You may have seen an earlier glimpse of this car in my earlier post, '60 Years -Same Car, Same Couple.' He first dated my Mom with this beauty and subsequently married her. Upon birth, I was brought home from the hospital in the Lincoln and my sister and I were later fortunate to travel around the USA in Car Caravans (an annual 100 classic cars tour event). This year Mom & Dad celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in the Lincoln. This is my entry for the Vintage/Antique contest. Thank you for looking and leaving a comment.


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12/30/14 4:35 PM GMT
It looks like it just came out of the showroom! I wonder what that car is worth these days. It has to be a lot! Outstanding entry for the vintage contest, Doug. Excellent shot, too.
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12/30/14 5:20 PM GMT
Excellent shot of this lovely old car good luck in the contest .

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12/30/14 5:27 PM GMT
This is a nice old lincon, A beautiful shot Doug.
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12/30/14 5:34 PM GMT
What a delightful story!....A part of your family and family life!...

This is truly a treasure and a wonderful entry to the contest!

Good Luck!
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12/30/14 6:08 PM GMT
Doug, So much family history behind this beautiful classic. I would recommend having documentation of it all (if you don't already). I can tell it's your dad's pride, and joy. Great contest entry.
tigs =^..^=
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12/30/14 6:25 PM GMT
What a beautiful car and a great narrative Doug. The Lincoln looks to be in pristine condition - would love to take her for a drive, top down, of course!!! Great post.
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12/30/14 7:36 PM GMT
WOW! What a beautiful black car and wonderful story too.
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12/30/14 7:37 PM GMT
I saw a site that had one for sale for $47,500 Gibbs. It probably isn't in as good of shape as this beauty.
You are very lucky to have parents like this.
I like the reflections in the car. Looks like barn doors.
Great shot and probably another winner for you.


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12/30/14 8:22 PM GMT
WOW - this car has so much wonderful history behind it Doug and what a pristine beauty it is too - outstanding entry.
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12/30/14 10:06 PM GMT
This is a beautiful car and a nice story behind it too. It will make a fine entry for the contest Doug.
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12/31/14 12:21 AM GMT
The classic car has an amazing history in your family! What a treasure! Great contest entry and surely a winner.
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12/31/14 2:04 PM GMT
Beautiful car, beautiful pic, hey buddy can you spare a dime?
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You can call me Kenny
12/31/14 3:06 PM GMT
The Lincoln in my family was newer, a late '50's model, but there's no beating the styling of these gorgeous cars. Kudos to your folks for keeping it in pristine shape. I also really like the low angle you used here. It looks more like the classic auto ads I remember from my early years... low angles exude the power of the vehicle.

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12/31/14 4:20 PM GMT
I love the parallel between your parents' marriage and the car. Great things endure!
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12/31/14 6:04 PM GMT
Tuly a fine old car and who knew it was a Lincoln? Great presentation.
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01/03/15 12:38 AM GMT
how can say any thing bad about dear old dads linclon?? i will say its a great angle you shot this from doug..this shot will make daddy proud! i do love this! and yes i remember the history you left us to read in another..amazing!
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01/04/15 2:14 AM GMT
What a classic ride, excellent entry for the contest. Beautifully captured & love those old white walls. Good Luck
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01/05/15 10:05 PM GMT
It is a classic and beautifully kept. Congrats to Your Dad for taking the challenge of this antique car. I wish more had been lovingly cared for and were still around today Doug.
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01/13/15 3:49 AM GMT
Your father has great tastes, Doug. A fantastic looking car and great capture.
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01/19/15 8:30 AM GMT
Great perspective and lovely place to shot a gorgeus car. Awesome work and thanks for sharing beautiful story with us:)
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