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Uploaded: 02/07/08 10:07 AM GMT
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A novice monk in Phetchaburi, Thailand, on a shopping trip with an older monk. I cropped, coloured, re-cropped and re-coloured this shot but couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it. I just felt it was too cluttered. The solution came from Jan (JQ), who weaved her own special magic. Thanks Jan, I'd never have thought of this, I love what you've done with it!


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02/07/08 11:35 AM GMT
A fantastic character image, Nigel. The cropping , the B&W and the colour make for a wonderful picture.This seems to be a picture of youthful boredom personified. One of your best, Nigel.
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02/07/08 11:41 AM GMT
This treatment has turned the image into something extra-special.
I think he has a very pensive expression and it is captured so well.
He looks so young.
A very pleasing people picture - perfectly portrayed pensiveness :)
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
02/07/08 11:56 AM GMT
A boy with all his dreams and fantasies yet to be realized while living in a black and white world. Very nice commentary and well done photography, Nigel.
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02/07/08 12:41 AM GMT
I love pictures that are B&W, except for one subject. This is an excellent one. Hats off to the both of you.

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Imagine you are there
02/07/08 1:05 PM GMT
"Contemplation"!...this is what it reminds me of!...sweet work from you both!
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02/07/08 2:07 PM GMT
Excellent image NIgel!looks fantastic!!
Great work.
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02/07/08 2:11 PM GMT
Really nice work, Nigel and Jan! The spot color here is very effective in bringing to the fore what you originally saw among the crowded tables.
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Much of the beauty in life is found in people who care.
02/07/08 2:34 PM GMT
Looks to me like he's caught between the real world and monkdom. If there is such a word. Anyway he see how black and white it will be if he continues his journey and he's having trouble leaving those colored feelings behind. I liked Lyn's complimentary comments concerning confusing childhood choices. My tongue still hurts.


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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. The Ghost
02/07/08 3:17 PM GMT
I like it very much. Both how you caught the boy and the work you've done. Thanks for sharing.
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For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, His eternal power and Godhead;... Rom 1:20
02/07/08 3:28 PM GMT
Very nice work, both of you! Love the expression you've captured and the color against the B+W is wonderful.
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02/07/08 3:58 PM GMT
Brilliant work! + faved!
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02/07/08 10:47 PM GMT
Wow! I love this! His expression makes you wonder what he is thinking..wonderfully captured..and i really like the way he's been left in colour as he is the focus of the viewers attention..well done :-)
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'Show me lonely and Show me openings To lead me closer to you..'
02/07/08 11:52 PM GMT
This is really great! You and Jan did a great job. Focus on the young monk, by keeping him in colour, makes the photo something extra special. Very well done!
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02/08/08 3:57 AM GMT
A very stimulating image you created Nigel. Looks like the boy is in deep thought or as someone else mentioned caught in boredom. Both you & Jan did an amazing job bringing out the main subject (boy) in this capture. Congrat's to both of you ~ I am proudly putting it in my faves.
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02/08/08 7:01 AM GMT
im glad you liked the manip! i liked the shot, you did the hard work here! i loved that bright orange silk hes wearing, im glad the manip worked to show that and to isolate him from his busy background, alone in his thoughts while the world carries on around him.
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02/08/08 7:27 AM GMT
The photo had to be taken and reworked that way : it symply had to. The colours explode out of the grey ones. The pose is awesome. Hat's off nigel.
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Beauty is everywhere.
02/08/08 7:37 AM GMT
SUPERB shot..... looks like he needs to learn how to iron though :-)

AMAZING colour work, kudos to you both on a beautifully presented image
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02/08/08 11:14 PM GMT
Very well done
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02/09/08 6:25 PM GMT
Love the use of colour popping here Nigel (was it Jan who thought of that?)Very effective, well done on this one.

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Thank you for commenting on my work if I don't get round to thanking you personally.
02/09/08 10:18 PM GMT
fantastic Nigel!!!! I just love the idea of the background in B&W, giving full focus on the young man - what a great moment you captured!

ps ...and great work Jan!
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02/13/08 4:10 AM GMT
this is so neat. i love it.
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sorry if i don't comment on each of your pictures. to those of you who comment so often, i can't imagine how you get it done! Please Visit My Gallery
05/09/08 5:36 PM GMT
i liked it so much i came back to comment again. you caught him in a great position. i like the look on his face.
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sorry if i don't comment on each of your pictures. to those of you who comment so often, i can't imagine how you get it done! Please Visit My Gallery
06/03/08 4:29 AM GMT
I love doing selective color, this one is terrific.
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07/02/08 7:10 PM GMT
Well done Grasshopper,On the bannister of life may the splinters all face away from you...Ninja Richie.
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Cheap thrills are always expensive.
08/08/08 10:22 AM GMT
This one i a FAV!
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05/29/09 12:54 AM GMT
Faved this one when I first joined and I don't think I ever told you that. Such a very touching picture. Such a prefect capture!
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06/05/09 9:54 PM GMT
another amazing image by you gone to my favs!
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10/13/09 4:57 PM GMT
Oh the feelings in this photo! The workspace being so totally filled with the work at hand, then the tired look on his face.A small space. I love the contrast of the gray and the colour. The very touching look on his face says it all. A most dramatic and sensitive photo Nigel. Verena
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