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Another one from Thailand. I spent an hour being fascinated by the light and shadows on this chair. Sad, really. I'll stop with the Thailand stuff soon I promise.


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02/07/08 10:34 PM GMT
You saw all those newly created angles, and if you really did spend about an hour, they changed perceptibly. A nice study of light and also textures with the smoothness of the wood and the rough floor and wall.
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02/08/08 12:12 AM GMT
How strong were the berries to have you staring at a chair for hours? Were you listening to Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show while you were contemplating? I do like the shadows and lighting. Nice photo Sir Nigel.

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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. The Ghost
02/08/08 12:19 AM GMT
Very nice study of light, shadows, and angles. Very inspirational, opens my eyes to new possibilities and appreciation for subtle observation.
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~ cc de leo
02/08/08 12:39 AM GMT
Great still life, Nigel. Good interplay of light and dark.

You don't have to stop the Thai pictures. As far as I'm concerned you can keep them coming.
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02/08/08 1:23 AM GMT
This is so beautiful. I love the simplicity and clean lines. The light and shadows are fascinating. Great shot!
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02/08/08 1:29 AM GMT
No, don't stop - these shots are fascinating. This study of light and shadows is particularly well done. All of the lines and diagonals are fantastic. This picture rates very high on my "ENVY" chart, Nigel. Don't restrict them, keep them coming!
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02/08/08 1:34 AM GMT
Composition, Color, Lighting and Clarity are Wonderful.
Excellent Image.

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02/08/08 1:42 AM GMT
Wow...this is a wonderful capture of shadows, so many great lines. Well done.
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02/08/08 2:22 AM GMT
An excellent image, wonderful!
Nice job.
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02/08/08 3:05 AM GMT
Very fine still life...strong detail and composition, with a nice emotive feel. Good work.
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02/08/08 3:58 AM GMT
Don't stop! I love it when something grabs you like that. You did it justice.
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02/08/08 6:14 AM GMT
Simple, dramatic & compelling. I just had to come over from the VB & comment. Well & fave too. ;-) Love it !
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02/08/08 6:41 AM GMT
well, im glad you decided to shoot it! its one of those simple but effective shots that work really well, the light and shadows are really neat. dont stop with the thailand stuff either!! they have all been so cool!
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02/08/08 7:41 AM GMT
Got some great lines in here Nigel!...The warm tones of the shadows really throws this into perspective!...

Nice one mate.

~Can I try it then?~
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02/08/08 12:43 AM GMT
That's a very artistic shot, as are the other pictures of your trip. I, for one, would love to see more. The light and shadows in this picture of the chair are fascinating. I hope the Pandas don't get to it. (Probably aren't any in Thailand, anyway.)

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Imagine you are there
02/08/08 2:54 PM GMT
Atmosphere, lines ,form, lighting all working together beautifully.
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
02/08/08 10:46 PM GMT
Made with bamboo. Very nice capture
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02/09/08 6:21 PM GMT
Hi Nigel, I like the way the two triangles of shade in two of the corners are almost framing the chair, and like the light and shadows in this. Great composition too, very imaginative and creative.

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Thank you for commenting on my work if I don't get round to thanking you personally.
02/09/08 9:58 PM GMT
There was a reason you were fascinated Nigel, it is because you found what you were looking visually pleasing and there has to be a reason for that and I would say it was the shapes, light and shadows, ever changing with the light. What you have captured here is simple but creative - so don't stop posting your Thai photos - keep them coming - we will let you know if we get bored! ;)
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02/10/08 7:47 PM GMT
Beautiful still life capture..
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02/18/08 9:25 PM GMT
I like this image a lot Nigel, I find it a very good study of light and a good example of how to make a simple subject interesting.
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02/19/08 1:26 PM GMT
Stop with the Thai stuff...for why? I hope not! There's some consummate artistry going on here; I'd love to see more.
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03/06/08 7:05 AM GMT
Nice, simple, and lovely!
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04/04/08 8:04 AM GMT
You know Thoreau said "Simplicity is Elegance" and you sure showed it in this photo!! My gosh I just love love love the shadows here! Thailand? well, you are fortunate to even have gone there, and I am loving going thru your gallery. It'll take me some time..but this photo is wonderful.Verena
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06/14/08 3:54 PM GMT
Simplicity, Serenity are the words that come to mind as I look at this. The lines and lighting are beautiful, Nigel.
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Well-behaved women seldom make history.
08/01/08 6:44 AM GMT
To give justice at this image, I moved it back from the darkside.
Congrats Nigel :-)
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10/13/09 4:54 PM GMT
This is one of those super favorites for me! The shadows and the sunlight feeling is magical. The old cushion on the chair compared to the beautiful Bamboo wood is just awesome. This photo just calls a person in for the feelings and for wanting to sit there and enjoy whatever to look at. Wonderful!! Verena
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Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows.
09/20/10 10:42 PM GMT
Nice capture and execution. Great light, colour, texture and framinmg. An exceptional photo!
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