Wenatchee River Surprise  

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Uploaded: 07/24/04 5:28 AM GMT
Wenatchee River Surprise
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This scene is on the Wenatchee River. As luck would have it, just as I was taking the photo a large salmon rolled on the surface. It had come all the way up from the Pacific to spawn and then die just a short time after.


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07/24/04 5:33 AM GMT
Beautiful capture! High marks from me, Michael. :c)
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07/24/04 5:49 AM GMT
Me to! Such vibrant color you achieve in your images Michael. I will be looking at this capture for a long time...thank you:-)
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07/24/04 5:58 AM GMT
Breathtaking!!! Have to agree with mayne, the colors are absolutely amazing. High marks, into the favs, and straight to my desktop!

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07/24/04 11:36 AM GMT
I love pure red when it appears in nature. And the black glass quality of the water enhances the reflection.
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07/24/04 12:28 AM GMT
Beautiful shot! What size film are you shooting?
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we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars
07/24/04 4:04 PM GMT
Excellent capture, Michael. I am in total awe of this beauty. D10F and thanks for sharing. :)
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Mary in Montana
07/24/04 5:19 PM GMT
This is another for my favorites. Beautiful shot. Love all that reflection in the water.
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Cheers. It's kileychristine!
07/24/04 10:02 PM GMT
Holy crap, look at all the colors! I really couldn't imagine how it was a photo from the thumbnail, gj! :)
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07/24/04 11:13 PM GMT
Wow. I honestly didn't think it was real at first! Beautiful.
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07/25/04 11:33 AM GMT
simply fantastic!!!

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07/25/04 11:55 AM GMT
Amazing, Beautiful !
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07/25/04 1:03 PM GMT
Great nature shot, and I can see some swirls in the water where something was moving. Was this picture modified to get them colours in the flowers? High marks, thanks for sharing this.
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07/25/04 7:51 PM GMT
Amassing shot. great colors the reflection is wonderful. 10/10.
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07/26/04 11:35 AM GMT
Very nice indeed!
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~Samuel Arnfjell~
07/26/04 2:53 PM GMT
This is a great image! The colors are simply stunning and the reflection in the water just emphasizes it. Very well done!
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"Even a fool is thought wise when he keeps his mouth shut."
07/27/04 2:54 AM GMT
Oh Wow..what a great photo. Those colours and those reflections on the water...everything so beautiful. Good work Michael.
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~Let it be as it is desired~
07/28/04 1:57 AM GMT
Wow! Awesome colours, so much!
Great work, Excellent shot!
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07/28/04 7:07 PM GMT
Beautiful !
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07/29/04 9:42 AM GMT
Did you reinforce the color saturation or is it totally natural?
Beautiful picture. I like the reflection in the water too... :-)
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07/29/04 1:10 PM GMT
This is such an awsome capture the colours are so vibrant and wonderful a truly remarkable shot for a truly beautiful place 10/10
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- pixels are only the beginning unless you started at the end -
07/30/04 3:49 AM GMT
Great capture, I love the vivid colors you got there, it's a beautiful image.
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Evelyn (sorry about my poor English)
07/30/04 7:09 AM GMT
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never give up
07/30/04 11:20 AM GMT
amazing blend of vivid color;( remind me of one of Noranda autumn shot). fantastic view as well! thanks for sharing!^^
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08/01/04 9:42 AM GMT
Very very very nice photo, the colors of the bushes, trees, grass, etc, reminds me of the movie What Dreams May Come when Robin Williams was in his wife's painting. Good Shot!
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08/01/04 5:07 PM GMT
Excellent saturation and contrast. I add to my favorite and 10/10
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08/04/04 9:41 PM GMT
breathtaking! amazing.. really...
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08/05/04 1:35 AM GMT
any editing on this image? this is real nice.
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08/05/04 4:34 PM GMT
Really nice colors and capture! Fav.'s and 10/10. Great job!

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08/16/04 12:41 AM GMT
Very good shot. Perfect.
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08/26/04 4:19 PM GMT
That is just georgeous :)
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Member: & Your Friendly Neighborhood Quake Addict
08/26/04 8:00 PM GMT
Beautiful colors, nice shot!
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08/29/04 5:45 AM GMT
Are there any words left to describe this incredibly striking shot?!! THE favorite of all my favorites!
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10/03/04 7:41 PM GMT
Abosolutely bueatiful. THat would also be an interesting shot to do in infrared.
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12/21/04 3:10 PM GMT
I thought you had inverted the colors or has used a kind of infrared... But it is amazing to see that the colours are the real ones! Anyways, fantastic work, as always...
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01/03/05 10:24 PM GMT
Wow! A million thanks. It's amazing that Nature can be so beautiful, so vibrant, and so devastating (tsunamis.) You have captured its beauty and vibrancy.
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01/03/05 10:31 PM GMT
Goodness me, how long has this been here unnoticed by me. It glows almost like a neon sign. It is simply beautiful. How did you get such intense colouring?
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them thats important. Ruth Ross
01/18/05 8:06 PM GMT
the colours are phenomenal! well done great shot!
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x-X-sarah-X-x Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. - Anne Frank
02/21/05 6:00 PM GMT
amazing shot. such color!
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06/06/05 11:25 PM GMT
More like "photomagic!" You've got one knack there buster!
Absolutely stunning array of colors!

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06/13/05 2:04 AM GMT
Beautiful Photo, and a great fishing hole!
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08/10/05 8:05 PM GMT
Beautiful colours! Thats an amazing shot.
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01/11/06 8:25 PM GMT
How far did you up the contrast on this Michael?! Nevertheless, it is an outstanding shot, although I think I'd prefer it without the salmon myself, but never mind, it's still incredible.
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01/15/06 7:03 PM GMT
Exceptional image here. The colors of fall all about of reds and yellows and orange. The reflection upon the glass water sets this image off. Great capture and wonderfull overall shot.
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"Holy, holy, holy is the lord God Almighty - the one who always was, who is, and who is still to come."
01/19/06 12:23 AM GMT
Stunning color! My Mom lives in East Wenatchee! Thanks for sharing!
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01/20/06 2:52 AM GMT
wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow... that is amazing, that is amazing wwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
that is beautiful, good job
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I am what i am and i do what i can...
01/21/06 12:48 AM GMT
What an exceptional picture!
The colors are breathtaking and the reflection gives the scene an almost magical look.
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01/28/06 10:02 PM GMT
Absolutely beautiful !!! I have never seen such an assortment of colours on one photo in one area before. I just love it !! Thank you so much for sharing :) 10 from me.

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01/28/06 10:05 PM GMT
You captured this image at just the right time of year. Everything is so vibrant and still so full of life.
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"She's often inclined to borrow somebody's dreams 'til tomorrow" Pink Floyd.... my gallery
02/08/06 4:42 AM GMT
That is really cool, or is it kewl? Great colors. I know the area, I am from Yakima and hang out in Leavenworth whenever I can. I love the Wenatchee area.
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02/12/06 10:28 AM GMT
Wow spellbinding what can i say more than that. Dwight.
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The emotions, the tears, of wasted years, wash over me like a cold wind out of the north. I tremble and shake, with each breath i take, and there's no one around me that cares. Dwight.
02/12/06 9:46 PM GMT
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"I saw an angel in the marble, and carved, until I set him free." -Michelangelo
02/14/06 3:31 AM GMT
This is so beautiful I didn't think it could be real. I love it!
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02/15/06 4:57 AM GMT
Absolutely amazing!
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02/25/06 2:17 AM GMT
This image, is what caedes is all about
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Sincerely, Miko
03/09/06 1:21 AM GMT
WOW! THIS IS THE BEST PHOTOGRAPH I'VE EVER SEEN! You truly have talent as a photographer, and what a beautiful sight!
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03/09/06 1:22 AM GMT
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03/09/06 1:23 AM GMT
When nature colours something like that, it's far better than any computer program can pull off.
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03/13/06 9:57 PM GMT
This photograph has captured magnificently the beautiful, natural spectrum of colours that Nature has at her disposal. An excellent photo that is destined to be a timeless favorite for many.
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03/14/06 7:20 PM GMT
wow, so much color. amazing.
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if at first you don't succeed, you're about normal.
03/18/06 11:20 AM GMT
This is absolutely beautiful. No wonder you're still getting comments and votes two years later.
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03/21/06 7:47 PM GMT
A Perfect 10!
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03/24/06 1:48 PM GMT
Oh my goodnes. What color! This is beautful!

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"You've never seen it!!! You've never seen it miss this house, miss that house, and come after you! - Joe from "Twister"
03/27/06 11:57 PM GMT
These colors are almost too good to be true! I love the smooth, calm water with the colors that leads right to the edges. Great job.
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03/29/06 7:22 PM GMT
This is just gorgeous!!! No to sound redundant, but I love the colors!
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04/02/06 10:05 PM GMT
It reminds me highly of a bowl of fruity pebbles. This is just smack dab amazing.

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You had a pretty picture, you had a pretty smile, you had a heart of ice and you put me in denial. You broke my heart a thousand times, you broke my heart just once, you made me see all i need is me and not some stupid... girl.
05/03/06 3:22 AM GMT
Beautiful... Just a little further north from me... Great shot....
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03/25/07 10:32 PM GMT
...on my way to heaven..!! thanx for sharing
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07/21/07 12:12 AM GMT
the colors are stunning!
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10/10/07 12:28 AM GMT
These colours are jawdropping...and you have all the luck in the world about that salmon.
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"Everyone has a photographic memory...some just don't have film."
12/17/07 5:06 AM GMT
Love the colors in this shot!
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01/31/08 3:10 AM GMT
Absolutely stunning. Good job on this one.
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Going to Austria this coming summer
06/23/08 5:23 AM GMT
This is an unreal color explosion! Keep up the photo-op'ing, this is fav'd.
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09/12/09 2:01 AM GMT
Wow! This is soooo gorgeous, thanks for posting it!
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12/18/09 2:55 AM GMT
It's funny that I find this image after making a neon-style picture to upload tomorrow. Nice work!
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