Grumpy cow  

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Uploaded: 01/12/21 11:43 AM GMT
Grumpy cow
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Grumpy cow

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01/13/21 1:13 PM GMT
John, even cows have from time to time a bad mood.
So a perfect title for this 'portrait'. Excellent lighting make this contender to a special one, my friend!
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01/13/21 4:05 PM GMT
The light and shadows in this one are so darn good! tigs=^..^=
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06/06/21 8:08 AM GMT
I worked with cows for about six years as a teenager, and can vouch for their sometimes anger and more regular stubbornness. I could lay down a path of rolled oats and they would still find a way to get lost. I would never have imagined, though, that anyone could capture their essence and make it look as good as you have, John. The dappling of sunlight and shadow is amazing. My nephew and his wife love cows (their town mascot is a Holstein) and have decorated their kitchen and dining room with cow and pig images (no, no, the pictures are tasteful, a couple even humorous), and, with your kind permission, I think I will send them a copy of your excellent image. I am certain they will love it.

Incidentally, this brings to mind my favorite poem, ^The Cow^, by Ogden Nash.

The cow is of the bovine ilk,
One end moo, the other, milk.

Happy Trails
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