Pixel Princess  

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Uploaded: 07/03/06 10:30 PM GMT
Pixel Princess
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I worked these two stock photos in PS. First I took the "crowd" photo and chose FILTER > PIXELATE > MOSAIC and set the size to about "145". Next I created a new layer with the "girl", above the "crowd". I used a layer mask to fade out the background to the left of her face... creating a nice blend with the layer below. Then I applied "Difference" as the blend mode. I then duplicated this layer (so there were two of the "girl") and I left the "Difference" mode the same. I applied a motion blur on that one to give the smeared makeup effect. A little rendered lens flare in the pupil of the first "girl" layer... and voila. A Smoosh-terpiece. ;) I hope you like it.


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07/03/06 11:51 PM GMT
Smoosh you've got to quit explaining how you do it, you confuse me after about 2 lines. All I know is you are VERY good at it and I love to see your work my dear. Fantastic job on this and just keep it up, you know what you're doing and that all that matters to me. lol
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07/04/06 1:12 AM GMT
A smooshterpiece indeed. This is really a terrific capture. I had to write down the instructions in hope that someday i can produce a work of art such as this.
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07/04/06 2:30 AM GMT
smoosh, this is truely one sweet manipulation. I like this one a lot. All your works are creative and unique. This makes you a true one of a kind artistist. Thanks again for another keeper.
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07/04/06 4:18 AM GMT
This is Great. I love the contrast of the sharp edges from the Mosaic filter.
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07/04/06 11:38 AM GMT
Likewise...I figured this one to be a "Smooshie"...when I saw it in the voting booth! Kudos!
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07/04/06 9:25 PM GMT
Dear Smoosh, you did it again. I wished i was that creative. in compliments to you i'll use the term "A Smooshterpiece" if i see a great work of art again.
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07/04/06 10:12 PM GMT
I love your Smmosh-terpiece, it looks much better watched at full size than as a thumbnail. And I like that you explained what you've done to get this particular result. Good work from you...
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07/05/06 7:45 AM GMT
Great manipulation Smoosh I know I have said it before but you blow me away with the way you manipulate images. Excellent work
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07/05/06 5:11 PM GMT
Thats great. I love it. The colors work great together and i love how the clarity of image fluctuates within the squares. Love it.
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07/05/06 8:51 PM GMT
I don't like it, I love it. The colors and effects you used are awesome. You are the manipulation queen. : o )
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07/08/06 9:21 AM GMT
This is very impressive, good job.
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07/09/06 10:35 AM GMT
Hey Smoosh, this is magnificent and very original. It is seductive and thought inspiring. The woman's eyes and lips are lushous. A beautiful subject indeed. The change from light to dark is full of desire. Just amazing work.
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07/10/06 3:09 AM GMT
The full view is much better than the preview.Nicely composed with mood and emotion!!
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
07/17/06 10:30 PM GMT
This is my favorite of your works so far. Very impressive . . .
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07/23/06 10:49 AM GMT
Great work, really great work...
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07/23/08 1:50 PM GMT
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