Slow Jam  

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Uploaded: 07/10/10 8:07 PM GMT
Slow Jam
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I started this piece in May and after completion, I was still contemplating making some changes. I put it aside for a period of time to try my hand at Ultra Fractal (a new fractal program to me). I came back to it recently and decided to show it to two members here regarding some final touches (mainly the size of the sax, which I have since increased in size for the main focal point, the lighting from above, which originally included two hanging lamps, and a last minute color change to the larger drum from purple to blue). I have (Nikoneer) and (Zunazet) to thank for their tips and suggestions regarding these changes. Thanks guys! :) I titled the piece and decided to hold on to it for some unknown reason.

The other day, Verena wrote to me asking if I knew of an online place where she could listen to some new music. I responded with inquiring on her music likes/dislikes. She immediately replied with much enthusiasm and a list of some of her favorite and varied music artists. Further informing me of the fond memories she had going to concerts in the past, and actually meeting/talking to Chris Isaak, who she simply adored, and getting him to autograph the very shirt she was wearing! Ha!! This immediately brought a huge smile to my face, as music is very much one of my passions as well. I sent her links to some of my favorite videos, and agreed to send more later in tune with her specific genre likes.

Upon hearing of Verena's recent passing, I can think of no better way to express the love and appreciation that I have for her and her friendship, than to dedicate this musical creation to her! I considered changing the title, but decided to keep it as I intended, and hope that she likes it! She touched so many of us here, I think what most touched me was her inspiring passion for life itself and everything and everyone around her and that she came in contact with. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family, whom she was so very, very proud of. Thank you Verena! :)

To all my other friends.... Yep, that means YOU!.... Thank you, for your continued support and your friendship! =D Thanks also in advance for any/all comments, and taking the time to read this unusually long narrative. Critiques welcome. Best viewed full screen. Lori

credits: stained glass pattern courtesy of (permission obtained); design recreated in PS CS4


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07/10/10 8:14 PM GMT
Very well done, Lori...Favs...
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07/10/10 8:36 PM GMT
How perfect this is Lori. She would've loved this. So thoughtful and caring..........just the way Verena was. We will all miss her........Miss Bloo or as I called her in pm's "Babycakes" :) will always live on here at Caedes.......she's a part of all of us that loved her here........and that will never change. So very nice my dear. Thank you. John +favs
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07/10/10 8:46 PM GMT
She would have loved this and would have written you a PM about it.

Lori, the notes behind the instruments, are they for purposes of art or are they from an actual score?
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07/10/10 9:13 PM GMT
Wonderful job on this Lori...Verena would be thrilled with it.
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07/10/10 9:20 PM GMT
Absolutely stunning creation, Lori. A perfect memorial to our much-missed and departed friend Verena. She would have loved this.
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07/10/10 9:45 PM GMT
Verena will love this Lori! But where's the guitar? should have made another video...hehe...Grand work girl!
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07/10/10 10:14 PM GMT
Beautifully done and very thoughtful, Lori. Verena would have loved it.
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07/10/10 10:18 PM GMT
A wonderful creation Lori and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness to our dear friend!!
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07/10/10 10:44 PM GMT
Perfect indeed Lori. She had just emailed me a tune by Chris Isaak to help lift me out of a funk I have been in. Still cannot believe that will be our last communication...

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07/10/10 10:53 PM GMT
I have Kenny G playing right now! Love the silver notes and the shine on the fiddle.
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07/10/10 11:45 PM GMT
A very wonderful piece of work, she loved good music
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Yes I use a Pentax K-10D.
07/11/10 12:54 AM GMT
Simply amazing, and a beautiful memorial to Verena. You narrative is very touching, Lori. She is surrounded by angels singing on high.
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07/11/10 1:38 AM GMT
Excellent composition.
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11s for everyone in the VB today!
07/11/10 2:37 AM GMT
Such nice words and a wonderful memorial to Verena. I enjoyed it immensely.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
07/11/10 4:36 AM GMT
Lori... a beautiful gift from one wonderful person to another.
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07/11/10 5:09 AM GMT
Lori, a gorgeous creation that you made, unknowingly holding it for just the 'right moment'. Perfect Order of the Universe.

Verena can now hear all the music she desires......thank you for sharing this piece with us.

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07/11/10 5:20 AM GMT
What a wonderful creation!! a great memorial to Verena
and a superb work Lori.
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07/11/10 8:49 AM GMT
Such a sweet song for this special lady!! Touching tribute!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
07/11/10 9:10 AM GMT
What a perfect creation and tribute to V. sandi♥ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
07/11/10 2:18 PM GMT
a wonderful tribute Lori - so very apropos.
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07/11/10 3:21 PM GMT
A wonderful creation and great memorial to Verena

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07/11/10 4:22 PM GMT
-:¦:- EXCELLENT-:¦:-
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every day is a gift......that's why it's called the present!!
07/12/10 2:14 AM GMT
Lori, this is a grand piece of work!!! Faved and saved, and I do believe Verena would have done the same.
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07/12/10 4:34 PM GMT
A wonderful tribute to Verena! She would have loved it for sure.
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07/13/10 12:21 AM GMT
Wonderful work of art for a wonderful lady. Nice tribute to Verena. Fav'd.
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07/13/10 12:43 AM GMT
Thank you so much "tealeaves" :) My mom loved you dearly, she spoke of you and your work so very often. I wish I had met you sooner, and under better circumstances, because she would have loved if you and I became friends. I am trying to get to all of the beautiful tributes for my mom, but there are so many!! She would be amazed she was truly so loved. She was so often lonely and she found peace and solace in her caedes friends like you. Thank you again. Its a gorgeous piece of work! Hugz
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07/13/10 6:23 PM GMT
What a wonderful and touching tribute to such a talented and wonderful person. Her spirit lives on......
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07/14/10 1:02 AM GMT
Gorgeous work and she would have loved this Lori
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07/15/10 12:47 AM GMT
Lovely...well done
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"Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it." Confucius
07/16/10 11:37 PM GMT
Very thoughtful dedication and nice work. Fran
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07/20/10 3:22 AM GMT
Pretty cool that you included 5 percussion instruments. I like this "stained glass" style of art you've been submitting for a while now. Plus I look at music the way I see oxygen...absolutely vital for life. Nice pano construction, Lori.

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07/22/10 2:36 AM GMT
Great composition and dedication. This is so very cool. I am an ammateur muso playing in a blues band. Verena had encouraged me to finish a song I have been working on and send her a copy. This is a wonderful tribute to a great lady who enjoyed life and music. Thank you for your lovely posting.
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02/05/14 8:50 PM GMT
Viewed on Home Page....What a Jammin Post.
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This Image GRABBED my EYE. That's Why I Stopped By. Thanks For Sharing ! Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience

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