Waiting to sell  

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Waiting to sell
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When the silos are full, Texans can store their corn on the ground.


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03/18/23 10:45 AM GMT
Plenty of food there, Ted. The farmer must hope that the weather will stay dry.
I'm to a certain extent amazed not to see any birds there.
Would be a perfect opportunity for them to pick a meal, 😁 .
Interesting and fine photograph.
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03/20/23 4:33 PM GMT
...That's a whole lot of loaves of corn bread, corn flakes, popcorn, or even corn chips! Plus a whole lot of raw materials for things like fuel, lubricants, chemicals, and synthetics we use in everyday life... Nice one - Faved!
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03/30/23 2:14 AM GMT
We do that with our wheat in years where there's an overabundance of harvest, but come fall the tarps come out.

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