Hunkered Down  

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Uploaded: 12/28/17 9:09 PM GMT
Hunkered Down
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This cute female Downy Woodpecker was hunkered down, but in view of the feeder.

Another shot through the window capture.

I'm late on posting, and commenting, because after doing a Windows Update it locked up my computer. So It spent several hours in the shop getting fixed. He told me that he is getting alot of computers brought in because of the update.

I hope it does not happen to you, if you update.

Thank you for commenting!



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12/28/17 9:22 PM GMT
Cute little fellow, and fine capture.
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12/28/17 9:30 PM GMT
Probably from the cold Sandi - Very good shot. I saw on Tv today the "horrible" temperatures and the nightmare conditions with 4 feet and more of snow in some parts of the U.S. and Canada
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12/28/17 10:14 PM GMT
I always loved woodpecker images and this is a very nice one Sandi. I can't recall all their names and will not even attempt that. You are really raking those cute animals in.
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12/28/17 10:25 PM GMT
This is a cute winter shot Sandi - I love woodpeckers and this one is handling the cold smartly. I hunkered down today as well as we have more snow.
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12/29/17 3:03 AM GMT
Darn fine for a through-a-window shot. I run Macs so I don't really have the problems inherent in Windows platforms... I can only commiserate through my imagination.

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12/29/17 6:17 AM GMT
Another cutie...poor thing, hope he can somehow keep warm...he sure seems to be keeping his eye on the feeder...great shot thru glass.
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I thought yesterday was supposed to be the first day of the rest of my life but it turns out today is. (Steve Martin)
12/29/17 12:37 AM GMT
very nice indeed,poor thing looks cold.
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12/29/17 6:51 PM GMT
He is definitely "hunkered down" Tigz. My computer has been wanting to update, but I haven't yet. I probably won't after reading about your experience. You got it fixed in good time.
Good shot for all the cold weather.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
12/30/17 6:50 PM GMT
Gorgeous photograph, Sandi! Tremendous! I love Downy woodpeckers. They have such great and adorable faces.

Saved and faved!
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12/31/17 5:55 PM GMT
Stunning scene and capture, really love this woodpecker, you have given us a wonderful gift with this photograph, so exceptional. Favorite.
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01/05/18 8:19 AM GMT
Great shot Tigs the little guy looks really cold (do woodpeckers use the bird feeder? ...just a though).

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01/06/18 7:17 PM GMT
Sitting pretty and being so patient for her turn. Maybe she's a little cool fluffing up her body
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