Cat Napping Sunday  

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Uploaded: 07/31/22 12:50 AM GMT
Cat Napping Sunday
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Thomas T my boy enjoys a good nap on any day.☺️ Thanks for commenting I will get my comments done it has been a busy last few days, tigs =^..^=


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07/31/22 1:42 PM GMT
Thomas is doing one of the things that cats do best and looks so cute doing it!!!!!!!
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07/31/22 1:53 PM GMT
Sandi, after a hard day's work (?, 😁) a nap is an excellent way to recharge the proverbial battery.
A very lovely and cute photograph of mr. Thomas T however!
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07/31/22 6:53 PM GMT
Thomas T is looking good and it appears is an excellent napper - aren't they all!
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07/31/22 11:46 PM GMT
This is one handsome and easy going cat in my opinion and great capture of him.
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08/09/22 11:34 PM GMT
Maaaaan, I wish I could sleep this well, like this, without a stiff neck, or the regret for last night*s pepperoni pizza.

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