Oak Leafed Poinsettia  

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Uploaded: 11/27/21 2:37 AM GMT
Oak Leafed Poinsettia
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I have a good track record of finding odd and unusual poinsettias. Well here's another - the color is not red or pink but kind of rosy and many of the bracts have an oak leaf kind of shape.


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11/27/21 11:48 AM GMT
---I have a good track record of finding odd and unusual poinsettias---

You're right Kathy! Proof of this comes with your beautiful and very special Oak Leafed Poinsettia photograph!
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11/28/21 2:37 PM GMT
You sure do Kathy this is so different, and still so beautiful! tigs=^..^=
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11/29/21 5:11 AM GMT
Never realised such varieties existed! would love to have a cutting.
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12/01/21 6:02 PM GMT
*The Ugly Brachtling*? Like its better-known cousin, the duckswan, the *Poinoakia* finishes the season in a gown as lovely as any of her competition at the ball. Wait. Wait. Kathy, is this perhaps a new rendition of *Cindoakella*? She had better set her iPhone alarm for 11:30p, just to be safe.

Happy Trails.

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